Victoria Beckham Has One Weird Daily Skin Care Secret


The Spice Girls were once a very popular music group and Victoria Beckham was a big part of that group. Well, she’s since moved on from the singing and dancing. Now she’s focusing on looking good and keeping her skin healthy as can be. She tends to share her skin secrets with a number of different publications. However, this time she’s breaking her silence on a skin tip that even we were shocked about.

Victoria Beckham Skin Secret
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Victoria Beckham Shares Her Daily Skin Secret

She recently spoke with Net-A-Porter magazine and shared some insights into her most precious skin care tips. One of her secrets is something that you’d never think of doing yourself. I can almost guarantee it.

Before I get into the specific advice, I should probably mention that Victoria has recently launched a collection of various makeup products with Estee Lauder. I’m sure the products are already selling like hot cakes, knowing how popular the brand and Victoria really are.

As for Victoria’s single super skin secret, she claims that one activity helped improve her once very problematic skin. Her trick is simple and it’s one that her dermatologist in Los Angeles, California. Her daily secret is to eat salmon every single day. More than likely, the dermatologist has suggested this due to the fatty acids that salmon contains. They are one of the best types of fish that you can eat if you’re looking to improve your skin, lose weight and simply achieve better overall health and wellness.

In fact, it’s not the first time that we’ve actually featured something “salmon related” on our site. Back in early February, Brandon wrote about salmon egg enzymes and how hot they were at the time. They were trending hard for a while and they still seem to be a hot topic amongst skin care addicts.

Victoria doesn’t stop at her skin, that’s just the beginning. She puts in a lot of time and effort into working out, eating healthy and taking care of her overall body.

Her husband cares about his skin just as much as she does. David Beckham has his own skin care line called Biotherm Homme, and works hard to keep his skin and body in tip top shape as well. They are definitely a model couple when it comes to making healthy life choices. We can all learn something from this couple.

In the event that you come across some skin care tips of other celebrities, then please contact us about it. We love sharing tips of famous public figures that are big influencers and advocates of healthy living.

Victoria Beckham Has One Weird Daily Skin Care Secret
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