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Today I’m here to share some information with you on chemical peels, specifically, Vi Peel. The product is made by a company called Vitality Institute. They’ve since rebranded themselves as VI Aesthetics and the company is run by Marya Khalil. She’s the president and CEO of the company. The company prides itself on offering non-invasive medical grade skin treatments through a system that they’ve created.

Today I’m going to primarily cover the Vi Peel product. This is a pharmaceutical grade chemical peel that is said to help fight off the many signs of aging. It’s also successful at reversing the damage that has taken place on the skin.

As we age, our skin can become quite stubborn. We can develop pigmentation issues and it can even seem to get a bit rough. Natural exposure to UV rays and being exposed to harsh environments can do quite a number on our skin. The VI Peel claims to be able to fight off that damage and improve your skin all without putting consumers in too much pain. It’s quite common for chemical peels to be harsh and discomforting for patients. VI Peel claims that this is a simple painless procedure that can rejuvenate your skin back to health. Of course, just like with any other product, the results may vary quite a bit between patients.
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How Does The VI Peel Work

Most chemical peels must be applied by a doctor. The same process applies for the Vi Peel. A doctor spreads the product across your skin as evenly as possible. As the chemical peel activates, a reaction occurs with your skin. Something termed as microdamage usually occurs. As it does, the patient’s skin will slowly begin to bubble up and peel off. This makes removing the outer layer of skin very easy. It also helps new skin cells to grow faster.

The small amount of damage that occurs on the skin assists in the removal of old and dying skin cells. It also helps increase the rate of collagen production. This process as a whole helps your skin improve over time.

What Separates Them From The Rest

I’m sure you’re wondering what makes VI Peel better than the rest of the chemical peels on the market. The main difference between this peel and others is that it has an anesthetic in the peel. The addition of the anesthetic helps reduce the pain and sensation that other chemical peels can have. This can drastically improve comfort levels when getting a professional peel procedure. After all, there is nothing worse than paying for a procedure that’s discomforting all in the name of looking better.

Sure, some patients do have a little bit of sensation and tingling once the Vi Peel is applied but within minutes that pain typically subsides.

Areas Treated

The VI Peel can treat almost any area of your skin. It’s specifically designed to improve the condition of your skin on almost any area of your body. However, you’ll want to avoid extremely sensitive areas such as private parts and eyelids. Basically, I suggest avoiding any and all areas where any extremely thin skin is present.

That said, you want to make sure the doctor or specialist assisting with the procedure is familiar with the VI Peel. If not, then find someone that is more familiar before getting it done. Incorrect application can further damage your skin.

With regards to the most popular areas that people treat, the VI Peel is commonly applied to the chest, face, hands, neck, and decollete area.

Treatment Requirements

Contrary to what most people think, chemical peels are not “one and done” type procedures. If you want to look good, then you need to keep up with the follow ups. That means going in for follow up treatments every few months.

The very first treatment and process actually recommend that patients get the VI Peel treatment every couple weeks for the first month. After that first month, patients should only go in for chemical peel treatments every few months.

It’s not uncommon for the doctor performing the procedure to prescribe additional products to use daily. These products will help you maintain your skin and keep it looking healthy.

In terms of skin recovery time, after getting the VI Peel procedure, it takes about 5-7 days for your skin to heal. In the interim, your skin might look reddish and you may have a flushed look. Whatever you do, I strongly advise against using anything other than what the dermatologist has prescribed to you during the healing period.

Who Should Use It

This product was created by Dr. Kalil in an attempt to help create a treatment to fix his daughters acne. The chemical peel treatment is safe for both teenagers as well as those with aged skin. No matter what type of skin you have, you can use the peel. My only suggestion is that those with darker skin proceed with caution. They may have pigmentation issues as a result of getting the treatment.

If you have a long history of having sensitive skin, that includes rashes, bad reactions, and allergy issues with your skin then proceed with caution. It’s best to consult with multiple doctors before getting the VI Peel treatment. What you don’t want to happen is your skin to become further damaged due to a lack of research.

Just make sure you are honest and open to your doctor about anything skin related when going through the consultation. It could mean the difference between improving or further damaging your skin.

Last but not least, all of the VI Peel products can only be purchased by a licensed professional. Do not attempt to try and purchase this on the secondary market online or anywhere else. Do not try and apply the chemical peel yourself either.

VI Peel
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