Very Weird Things That Can Kick Your Skin Into Glowing Gear


There are a lot of things that come to mind when you think about skin care and making your skin glow like never before is what most people wish for. Some people go above and beyond in order to achieve great looking skin. Yes, they’ll do super weird things all in the name of the healthy skin.

Which is exactly why I’ve got a few weird things to share with you that you may or may not have known can lead to having┬ánice┬áskin. Remember, you don’t need to do everything, but should you think about trying one or two of the things if you’re not doing so already. My guess is that you’ll notice a difference in your skin if you do.

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Very Weird Things That Can Improve Your Skin

This first thing is weird but definitely something that you’ll want to avoid if you’re allergic to bees. I’m talking about bee venom (here’s a product example). There are some brands on the market today that incorporate bee venom into their products and in doing so, they are able to help stimulate collagen, elastin, and more.

I’d also like to add that the bee venom is antibacterial, antimicrobial, and an anti-inflammatory as well. Assuming you want to try this out, be on the lookout for products containing purified bee venom. Whatever you do, avoid all of them if you’re allergic to bee stings. It could be very damaging if not!

Did you know that your actions between the sheets can lead to nice looking skin? Youthful looking skin is often easier to achieve if you’re exercising between the sheets. It has everything to do with reducing cortisol levels, the releasing of oxytocin and the reduction of inflammation. I guess just have more sex if you want better-looking skin. The best way to do that is by joining a dating site that helps you connect with like-minded people. There are thousands of options to consider. I’ll just leave it at that.

Next on the list is bacteria. Not just any bacteria, probiotics. There are lots of people who have started incorporating things like probiotic supplements specifically geared towards improving your skin. The intake of good bacteria helps reduce inflammation, clear up acne, irritation, and so much more. Some people take probiotic supplements made for skin while others prefer to get it naturally through foods. Some even choose to turn to probiotic topical treatments.

Okay, this one is a bit gross. Please don’t shoot the messenger as I’m just delivering the news. People are using urine to achieve nice looking skin. Heck, you might already be using something that contains this without even knowing. Grab your favorite skin care product and look for something called urea. This is a synthetic form of urine which can help fix any scaly skin issues alone with dry skin issues.

Have you heard of horsetail extract? It’s an ingredient that’s most widely known for being an anti-inflammatory. People typically use this in the same manner in which they’d use aloe vera. Coincidentally enough, it’s great for burns, skin rashes and even open wounds. This ingredient contains something known as silica which is a collagen precursor.

The next thing on the list is acorns. People are literally adding these to their skin care routines and they’re having great results doing so. I’m not suggesting that you go eating raw acorns or anything like that. However, you’d be wise to crush these up and add them to your exfoliator for the extra effort. There is a reason why they use this method are spas across the country.

If you have any other weird skin care ingredients or routines that you suggest we try, then please let us know. We’ve got no problem playing the guinea pig role when it comes to this type of stuff!

Very Weird Things That Can Kick Your Skin Into Glowing Gear
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