Here at, we love researching and testing emerging brands. In fact, we’ll go out of our way to get our hands on some of the most innovative and new age brands on the market. We’ve recently taken the time to investigate a brand called Venofye. According to their website, the brand is one of the hottest that’s recently emerged within the marketplace. It seems like they have a clear focus and path on solving one major issue – aging. It’s got more of a modern look and feel to the product.

The brand claims to incorporate new advancements in skin care technology in order to come up with the formulas for each product. The products are formulated using ingredients such as venom, green tea, vitamin A, and other popular ingredients used throughout the industry today.

The Venofye brand carries various skin care ranges and collections which helps consumers repair and rejuvenate and revitalize their skin.

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More About The Venofye Brand

The most important thing you need to understand about this brand is that the company incorporates venom into their products. Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt one bit. Instead of having to deal with the pain of getting stung by a bee in the name of good skin, they’ve taken that out of the equation to simply deliver bee venom in product form.

For those unfamiliar with this ingredient, bee venom is widely known as being a great Botox alternative. It’s been called “nature’s Botox” by many professionals within the industry. Bee venom works in a strange way. When you’re stung by a bee, what typically happens is your skin begins to swell and the area itches due to the reaction. However, when you apply bee venom via a skin care product, your body reacts and acts as if it’s been stung. As a result, the skin tightens up and plumps just enough to make you look and feel better. The good news is that there is no pain involved.

Does Venofye Bee Venom Work?

Well, let me put it this way, as you get older your skin begins to lose its bounce and tightness. The driver of these two things are collagen and elastin. The reduction in both is typically a problem. It makes your skin look weathered and aged. Wrinkles, lines and other things of that nature begin to set in. If you begin to take into account external factors, then you’ll find yourself in a real mess.

The good news is that many saw bee venom can help with all this. In fact, it’s the bee venom that helps boost collagen production as well as elastin production. The result of incorporating it means better-looking skin. The formula that Venofye uses may help keep your young looking.

Is The Main Ingredient Safe?

Many people want to know just how safe bee venom really is. As far as incorporating this ingredient into skin care products, it’s perfectly safe to do so. However, there is one small thing that I’ve like to stress. If you think or know that you’re allergic to bees, then you might want to refrain from using this prior to speaking with your dermatologist.

Main Ingredients Used In Venofye Products

As previously mentioned, the brand incorporates a number of ingredients into their products. There are a few that play a prominent role in all products. I’ll cover each of the ingredients below. If you’re turned off by one of them, don’t give up, simply check out another product on the site that doesn’t contain that ingredient, problem solved.

Bee Venom

It only makes sense for me to kick things off with bee venom. It’s the ingredient that Venofye considers to be a “superstar” and the main reason why the company exists today. They use this ingredient to combat aging issues and fight the good fight day in and out. Using this ingredient may help you reduce your acne presence, decrease the presence of lines, hide wrinkles and more.

According to research, the ingredient is said to work in the same manner in which your skin would react if stung. As a result, collagen increases, elastin increases, and your skin looks and feels plumper. Bee venom contains amino acids, peptides, and enzymes all of which are said to be powerful for your skin.

Retinyl Palmitate

The products contain it which is another name for vitamin A. There are many studies that have been conducted on and around this ingredient. It’s a top-notch anti aging ingredient and helps to stimulate collagen production. It also helps speed up the process of renewing your skin. If you’re dealing with free radical issues, then this one protects you from it.

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Green Tea

There’s a lot of buzz around green tea these days. It’s an ingredient that happens to be a proven winner when it comes to anti aging. Perhaps it has to do with the antioxidants or the anti-carcinogenics. It’s also known to help protect your skin from damage caused by UVB light.

Snake Venom

Yes, you heard that correctly. The company incorporates snake venom into their products. Specifically, you will find snake venom used in the ViperLift Collection. Many people cringe at the thought of using this type of product but as strange as it sounds, it does have anti aging benefits that you can take advantage of. You can obtain younger and healthier looking skin without having to deal with a trip to the emergency room caring for a snake bite.

The Collections

There are various types of collections that the company offers here. I encourage you to check out each of the collections and the applicable collections. I also suggest that you dive into the ingredients and watch the videos provided where applicable.

  • Queen Bee
  • Drone Bee
  • Royal
  • Orchard
  • Apitoxin
  • ViperLift

The Reviews

One thing I want you to do is completely ignore the reviews on the company website. Reviews posted on company sites are typically biased so you have to be careful with them. Instead, head on over to Google or Yahoo and do a search for the company. You’ll find a bunch of reviews on the collections and products within each line.

Does Venofye Harm Any Living Beings e.g. Bees and Snakes?

Nope, not a chance. Based on my research, they do not harm any animals at during this process. It’s simply a venom extraction process that the bees and snakes go through. They have a zero policy against harming animals.

Consult Your Doctor

Don’t forget to consult your doctor before trying these products. It’s quite possible that you’ll get the okay from them, but better safe than sorry.

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  1. I bought their facial peeling cream.This is the worst product I have used in my life. I was trying it for the first time. It got stick on my face. I went to the store, they didn’t have anything to help much.
    I tried removing it by rubbing for almost an hour, didn’t helped much. Finally, my husband has to literally snatch the pieces from the face leaving it red and swallowed.
    I want to warn people from using this harmful product.

  2. ii have just bought syringe today and after reading all reviews I am concers is it worthy
    I paid 350 pounds really regret now