Vampire Facial HIV and Hepatitis Scare In New Mexico


Are you currently living in or visiting the Albuquerque, New Mexico area? If so, have you visited any of the local spas lately? Most importantly, have you been visiting spas for the infamous vampire facial? If so, then please keep reading! This is a public service announcement and knowing this information may be detrimental to the well-being of you and your loved ones.

I’m reporting this and using the term Vampire Facial only because that’s how it was reported by Lynn Gallagher, NMDOH Cabinet Secretary in an article published on on September 11, 2018 on their website (referenced below).

hiv spa treatment scare

If so, you might be at risk of contracting HIV and/or hepatitis!

Based on some recent reports that have gone public, health officials in the New Mexico area (specifically named in the public service announcement, Lynn Gallagher, NMDOH Cabinet Secretary) have been encouraging people that visit spas for services to get checked for blood-borne infections such as HIV and hepatitis.

According to Health Officials from within the Department of Health in NM, they’ve shut down a spa after identifying that poor practices could lead to the spread of these diseases to clients. The spa associated with the shutdown is VIP Spa.

How did they determine this issue?

Simple enough!

One of their clients made a complaint stating that they developed some sort of an infection after getting a spa treatment at the facility. That infection led to an inspection and ultimately a shutdown.

Now local Health Department Officials are contacting any and all people that may have had injection treatments at this spa. That, of course, falls under the Vampire Facial category.

For those unfamiliar with what vampire facials are, they’re a treatment which takes place involving the isolation of platelet-rich plasma which gets injected back into the skin through a micro-needling process.

Kim Kardashian is famous for getting these kinds of treatments as she’s been all over the Internet and social media platforms showcasing herself during this exact same treatment.

As a public service announcement, we’re going to suggest just as USA Today has suggested, that if you got a treatment during the month of May or June that you visit the Department of Health in New Mexico for a free test.

I’m not going to touch further on the details of the Spa, but what I will say is that the owner did respond making statements that they only use disposable needles.

While I’m not in the business of bashing local Spa Treatment Centers or beauty centers, I will say that for something like this to come up it does seem a bit strange.

The good news is that you really don’t need to even get their dangerous treatments today. Instead, you can buy products that have been manufactured to produce the same results without all the risk. There’s a bunch of products on the market today known as EGF serums aka epidermal growth serums and they essentially do what these vampire facials do to a certain extent. You might want to consider searching for that or perhaps HGF serum which is also known as human growth factor serum.

These are essentially is similar to getting the vampire facial but without putting your body and health at risk because there are no injections and it’s a non-invasive alternative. My advice would be to stick with this product or an alternative and avoid getting any spa treatment in New Mexico if it involves injections of some sort. Hey, at least for a while I’d say. Click here to check the price of one of the many growth factor serums out there today.

Again, I’m sharing this information and an alternative to help consumers avoid the risks of putting themselves in harm’s way. Please take this seriously and always be aware of the conditions in which you’re being treated.

Vampire Facial HIV and Hepatitis Scare In New Mexico
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