Valmont Skin Care Review

It all started with a simple search after speaking with a friend. They mentioned the company name Valmont and I took the initiative to learn more. The very first thing that I did was do a search online for “Valmont skin care review” and that’s where it all started. My initial descent into this brand, I had no idea what to expect.

When I started this search, I had no idea what to expect really. What this did uncover for me was a lot about the company, the individual products, and what people think about the brand in general. Major sites like and have covered this brand, which I’ll be diving into below, just keep reading.

valmont skin care review

Everything About The Valmont Skin Care Line

Apparently, the creators of the Valmont Cosmetics brand had been inspired by holistic medicine. The products offered by this company somewhat reflect a holistic-like feel. This company was founded in none other than the pure and protected location of Switzerland. In fact, the headquarters are located on the beautiful shore of Lake Geneva.

The long tradition of making beauty products from the unique plant species that are located in the Swiss Alps is what makes this brand so attractive. They also incorporate pure spring water from the ancient alpine glaciers and it’s definitely a reflection of the Valmont beauty products. The brand was founded back in 1905 as a holistic clinic, and in the 1980’s they started producing beauty products.

Not long after, they decided to take the company globally and offer products to many across the globe. The best way that I can really dive into the brand is if I share what I know about each of the products.

The Valmont Skin Products

This review is only aimed at the skin care portion of the Valmont brand. These are easily distinguished, as the products are separated by type. Different categories make it easy to select a specific product for the specific application. You’ll learn all this and then some if you check out the website yourself. I’ll share what I can with you for now though.

The skin care line features products for purification, energization, hydration, anti-wrinkle treatments, area-specific creams, skin type-centric products and more. Their most famous products are the hydration and regeneration products which are included in their kits. Not ready to commit to a kit as of yet? No problem! There’s no obligation for consumers to purchase a kit. In fact, you can mix things up a bit if you wish, purchase any product you’d like, and even create your very own personalized kit.

Oh, let me now forget, there are after-sun care products, regeneration masks, toning serums, lightening serums, moisturizing masks, gels, and more. The wide range of beauty products, as well as the L’Elixir Des Glaciers brand products and the Spa lines make for a wide range of choices. You’ll most likely find something that sparks your interest.

The Ingredients

Want to find out the details and truth about any skin care product? Then dive deep into their ingredients list. That says it all, really. Based on my research, their pride and joy is the Triple DNA and RNA complex, which seems to be very effective in helping your skin regenerate. The information provided online on the official company website shows only some of the active ingredients in the Valmont products. To sum things up, the main active ingredients outlined are Vitamin D (assisting in the healing of the skin) and Vitamin C (helping fight off free radicals).

Another important ingredient in most of the Valmont products is the pure glacial spring water. They also include the alpine plant extracts which come from the Phyto-Alpine garden.

The brand has a line of products which help those sporting overly sensitive skin. These specific products have supposedly been designed and created with the needs in mind of people constantly fighting skin sensitivity issues.

What I did not find was the detailed ingredients list. This is the ultimate list that lists out all the ingredients included in the specific products. When the full ingredients list is missing, it can oftentimes confuse customers, as the lack of information about the ingredients may be a deal breaker. People often avoid products not disclosing the full list due to potential allergies or irritation causing ingredients that may be present but not disclosed.

Purchasing Products

Interested in purchasing the Valmont skin care products? Great, you’ve got some options! However, the best way to get these products is visiting the official website where you can place an order and have it shipped to you directly from the manufacturer. Another option would be to check out the official brick and mortar stores authorized to carry their products. If you’re more of an in-store kind of shopper, then all the necessary info about the stores which carry Valmont products can be found on the website.

I suggest checking to see where you may be able to find the Valmont products at spas across the globe. You can get a treatment and get a feel for what these anti-aging treatments/products can do for you. Also, you’ll be able to purchase any Valmont product from the spas, where you can take them home and enjoy the products for weeks, sometimes months.


From what I’ve gathered about the Valmont brand and their skincare line (they do have a high-end perfume line, hair care line and body care line as well), is that they are pretty decent products that deliver as promised. The reviews don’t lie and the 4.7 rating and 5.0 rating must count for something, right? There are selected spas all over the world where these can be tried and tested too.

The downside of all this is the high prices. The prices range from $100 to about $1,500 depending on the product. If you can stomach the fees, then why not give it a whirl.

If you’ve taken the time and money to try these products, then we want to hear from you. There’s nothing more that we value other than a customer’s opinion after using a product.

Valmont Skin Care Review
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