Urine Therapy Is Officially A Trending Treatment


Here’s what I want you to do right now. Sit back and relax. Close your eyes and take a minute to envision what nice healthy skin looks like. I’m talking about skin that glows, doesn’t contain a single blemish or breakout. Would you give things up to obtain this level of perfection? Would you add something strange to your routine if I said it would improve your skin? How about rubbing urine on a cotton swap and apply it to your face?

urine therapy for skin
Samples of urine for skin care treatment

Would You Apply Urine To Look Better?

You heard that right! No, I’m not going to do this, but don’t give me any guff for this. I’m only here to give you some insight on the latest trends and tactics. There are so many individuals that love doing crazy DIY treatments and those are likely the type of people that would be all about incorporating urine into their skin care routine.

For those that think this is a super new hipster routine, you’re totally wrong. In fact, this is ancient tradition that people all over the world have been using. They do so because of the antibodies that exist in the urine.

Before you go using any urine to brighten your skin, there are a few things that you must know. First, this isn’t a free for all to use anyone’s urine. In fact, you should only use your own. You must not store it, use it immediately if you want to avoid any chances of it becoming contaminated. Lastly, don’t try this technique if you’re the type that gets urinary tract infections, has diabetes or if you take special medication for your skin.

There are a few other reasons why people are using this technique. According to a Dr. Bowe, applying urine to your skin “hydrates the skin, and helps exfoliate away dead cells, giving skin a brighter appearance, smoother texture, and a healthy glow.” Some doctors consider this more of a last resort versus a go-to tactic.

If you’re still skeptical on this (and you should be) then you’re not the only one. Unfortunately, there have not been very many studies on this technique. Therefore, many individuals don’t believe that it truly works.

On the other hand, if you’re a believer, then all you need to do is collect a small (fresh) sample, dab a cotton swab or pad and apply it to your face like toner. Five to ten minutes later rinse your face with soap, water and then apply a high quality moisturizer. Last but not least, do not run around telling people you apply urine to your face. It’s a surefire way to scare away anyone you associate with! Good luck!

Urine Therapy Is Officially A Trending Treatment
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