Urea Cream

If you’re unfamiliar with urea cream then it may make you feel better to know that you are not the only one. There are quite a few individuals that have skin conditions which may, in fact, benefit from the use of urea cream.

urea creamWhat Does Urea Cream Help Do And Why?

For those that have no idea what urea cream is, well, it’s a cream where the main active ingredient that is used is called urea. The best uses for this type of cream are conditions that affect your skin such as eczema, keratosis, and psoriasis or even extreme dermatitis. Urea cream can easily be found at most supermarkets or pharmacies across the United States. It can also be purchased at any of the major health and beauty depots or even online at places like Target and Amazon.

In the event that you suffer from overly dry skin then I urge you to look into this product. If your skin is constantly dry, itching, scaling rough or just plain tough then you need urea cream. One thing I must stress though is that you not attempt to self-diagnose the issue. You should really take the time to see a dermatologist or seek alternative professional help if you are contemplating on using this cream. Hover, if you really want to know more about the product and why it might be a great option for you then I encourage you to keep reading.

What Is It Exactly?

The natural substance, urea, can be found in your body and it’s necessary in order for digestive and waste processes to take place. However, the urea cream that you purchase is not natural. It’s a cream that is synthetically created through the process of mixing certain ingredients.

In most of the urea lotions that can be purchased over the counter, you will see an ingredient called hydroxyethyl urea. This is a synthetic form of urea which asks more like a moisturizer than anything. It does a fantastic job of moisturizing extremely dry or rough skin and it also provides a barrier for the skin itself. Most products can be purchased an over the counter location. However, there are circumstances where a prescription may be necessary if one is interested in an extra strength product that contains an additional urea cream concentration.

Uses Of It

I’ve already briefly touched upon this but the urea cream it best used to treat and heal skin where skin cells may grow too quickly. This creates a scale-like effect and a rough patch on the skin that typically doesn’t clear up when applying basic moisturizers. For example, skin conditions such as dermatitis and psoriasis or keratosis may require the cream to clear the condition up.

Basically, what the product does is it drastically encourages cell turnover and seriously accelerates the healing process of the affected skin patches. The product also helps reduce the amount of scratching or picking that will happen which in turn can slow down the healing process if not completely left alone.

Before using this type of cream, you need to speak with your dermatologist about the side effects that can occur and he’ll determine whether or not it makes sense for you to even use the product. High concentrations of the product can lead to bad side effects and you need to know that putting yourself at risk isn’t necessarily the best thing you can do.

For example, if you are pregnant, you will not want to use this product. It can be very harmful to unborn children and you should even consider not using it after your baby has been born. Seek professional advice before touching this stuff because it’s better to be safe versus sorry.

Urea Cream
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