Urban Decay Hires Ruby Rose As Brand Ambassador


Just when you thought Ruby Rose wasn’t famous enough for her roles in movies, a hit TV Show and her DJ career, she now has something else to add to her resume! She’s officially the face of Urban Decay makeup.

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Ruby Rose Joins Urban Decay Makeup Team

If you’ve seen the hit show Orange Is The new Black, then you’ve surely seen Ruby Rose once or twice on your tv screen. She’s a 29-year-old star with absolutely perfect skin. I’m talking 100% blemish free skin. She has decorated her body with tattoo artwork and she typically goes against the grain.

Given that Urban Decay operates under the motto, “beauty with an edge,” it should come as no surprise that these two¬†have teamed up to spread the message that Urban Decay is all about being edgy and beautiful at the same time. Ruby Rose might, in fact, be the best brand ambassador on the face of this earth for Urban Decay.

Ruby Rose officially announced that she was joining Urban Decay through the ever popular social media giant, Instagram. She posted the following image below to make the announcement.

Ruby Rose Joins Urban Decay
Credit: Instagram @rubyrose

To give you some background on Ruby, this isn’t her first makeup collaboration. Prior to joining Urban Decay, she was the face of Maybelline. Ruby Rose’s popularity absolutely sky-rocketed since playing her role in Orange Is The New Black.

As for Urban Decay, they weren’t shy at all about sharing the news of bringing on Ruby Rose. They went as far as running a billboard campaign in New York. Urban Decay posted a photo of the billboard on their Instagram account last night.

ruby rose urban decay cosmetics
Credit: Instagram @urbandecaycosmetics

Now, if you’ve never seen Orange Is The New Black, then I’d suggest watching this clip below to give you an idea of the role that Ruby Rose plays in the hit TV show. She’s by far my favorite actress in the show. She plays a prisoner named Stella Carlin.

Whether you are a fan or Urban Decay, Ruby Rose or perhaps both, I think you’ll find this to be a very good match! I’m sure the world of makeup and skin care are interested to see what they have planned for the future. We’ll try and keep you updated as things progress and we’re made aware of things. For the time being, we’d like to send over a big congrats to all those involved!

Urban Decay Hires Ruby Rose As Brand Ambassador
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