Urban Decay Officially Launches Skin Care Line!


If you’re a fan of makeup, then you definitely know who Urban Decay is and what they’re known for. The company is one of the most popular makeup brands and they’re widely recognized globally. Apparently, the company wanted to get in on the action aside from their typical beauty products.

What did they do? They decided to launch a skin care line filled with solutions that you could put to work both in the morning and evening after looking your best wearing Urban Decay makeup throughout the day.

Urban Decay Skin Care Range
1-of-4 Products Within the Urban Decay Rehab Makeup Prep Line

Urban Decay Breaks Into Skin Care Ranges

The company has decided to focus specifically on two areas, makeup prep as well as a remover. They’ve recently introduced Rehab Makeup Prep and Meltdown Makeup Remover which are for pre and post makeup phases throughout the day.

The Rehab Makeup Prep skin care range brings four new products to you. They’ve recently released a lip balm called Lip Love Lip Balm which is to be applied prior to color. They’ve also released the Pore Refining Peel-off Mask, which is said to help eliminate any impurities that reside on the surface of your skin.

Basically, it does a stellar job of pulling the dirt and gunk off of your skin. If you’re interested in this, then might I also suggest that you give one of the many charcoal peel masks a try as well. Two other pre-makeup products they have are the Pretty Gritty Skin Polish powder and the Hot Springs Hydrating Gel.

As far as removing makeup is concerned. The Meltdown range of products consists of the Dissolving Spray, Cleansing Oil Stick, and the Lip Oil Stick. The most interesting removal product by far is the Lip Oil Stick. We’ve all been in a situation where that lipstick residue just won’t come off. This helps remove the everlasting lip product residue from your skin.

Now, I’m sure you are wondering what the cost is for these. Each individual product is very affordable, ranging in price from $12.00 to $30.00. I encourage you to check them all out by visiting the company website. Chances are you’ll find one that you’re interested in trying.

Please note, I’m not suggesting that you completely forget about whatever it is that you’re currently doing in terms of a pre-makeup and post makeup regimen. Instead, I’m simply suggesting that you look into these other products that Urban Decay has launched. Who knows, maybe you’ll find one that interests you enough to try out.

Urban Decay Officially Launches Skin Care Line!
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