Uneven Skin Tone

This may sound harsh but an uneven skin tone can make you feel pretty awful about your personal appearance. There are some people that simply struggle with this on a daily basis and they cannot seem to get their skin tone even. If you are one of the individuals that might have been battling this issue, there is good news to share. You literally have a great deal of options that can help correct this cosmetic flaw.

Society and skin researchers have made strides over the years to become more advanced in skin care. They are far more innovative than yesterday and many companies have solutions that can easily help you resolve your issue.

uneven skin toneCan You Fix Uneven Skin Tone?

The number of solutions available may seem unbelievable and they can basically help fix any blemishes, discoloration, and even pigmentation issues. However, before you decide to start incorporating any products or techniques into your routine, you must completely understand the issue at hand. Without knowing how uneven skin tone occurs, how are you going to avoid or fix it?

The Causes

Before treating any uneven skin tone you need to know the main culprit. Take a moment to figure out what might be causing your skin look so unevenly discolored. Let me start by pointing out that there are three main things that attribute to uneven skin tone. The first and most common reason is¬†due to having too much harsh sun exposure. UV exposure can be harmful to your skin and the sun can cause major discoloring of the skin. It’s all due to the melanin. This is one of the main reasons people acquire age spots over time. Sure, they aren’t anything to be concerned about from a health perspective but it’s not very pleasant looking.

The second reason is directly related to hormones. If your hormone levels change, it can make you more prone to skin discoloration. A change in hormonal balance can literally cause melanin to clump in your skin. If hormones are the main reason behind your uneven skin tone, you have nothing to worry about. As your hormonal levels regulate, the uneven tone can begin to fade away.

Last but not least, the final main reason people have an uneven skin tone is due to acne. When you get acne, your face essentially has become injured in a way. That injury needs to heal and this process can invite the production of more melanin. To be quite honest, acne is likely the number one reason people have uneven skin tones.

Various Treatments

Now let’s talk treatments. By now, you should have taken a closer look at your skin to determine what the cause of your uneven skin tone. Now you’ve got a number of different treatment options that you can look into in order to tackle this issue.

Skin Brighteners
There is a cream that exists which will help slow down the production of melanin. Most of these creams contain something called hydroquinone. If you’re not familiar with what that does, it essentially helps bleach your skin. Be very careful if you choose to take this approach. This agent can actually cause serious damage to your skin if not used properly.

Vitamin C Cream
If you simply have a little bit of skin discoloration then vitamin C cream might be the way to go. It’s good for exfoliating your skin and can help even out the pigmentation (if minor). I suggest giving this a shot first before any other approach. It’s the least invasive method.

There are skin peels, chemical peels and laser peel treatment that you can get to remove an uneven skin tone. The process of using a peel helps remove skin cells that are dead and have built up. What it does is it removes the dead cells and stimulates new cell growth. The same goes for a¬†microdermabrasion treatment. It’s all about removing old skin cells and doing what you can to regenerate skin cell growth.

Time Will Tell

The one thing you need to remember is that there is no quick fix to this. The only thing you can do is apply makeup to hide the uneven skin tone but you cannot fix things as quickly as you’d like to. I’d be a liar if I said something can fix this in a matter of hours or even days. it just doesn’t exist.

Natural Or Not?

Some people are completely against taking or using more prescriptions than they need to. I’m personally all for trying to take the most natural approach when it comes to anything skin and body related. However, sometimes it’s simply not enough effort. There are certain conditions that require a stronger substance to fix the issue. It’s not uncommon for many people with uneven skin tones to reach out to a pharmacist or doctor for help.

When in doubt, you need to visit your local dermatologist. Have them check out your skin and tell them what’s going on. Chances are they’ve seen this happening before in other patients. They may have a stronger or more prescription based approach they recommend. Don’t be too worried about trying something that’s not natural. I would honestly prefer that you do that versus trying to create your own homemade remedy. The science backs what the dermatologist can help with. Don’t be foolish just to try and save a few dollars here and there. After all, you only have one body and one face. Best to treat it with a lot of respect!

Uneven Skin Tone
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