Under Eye Circles Are Ugly AF. Here’s How To Get Rid Of Them…


That tired look isn’t cute. Those dark circles residing underneath your eyes are about as bad as a look one can achieve. If you’ve successfully managed to accomplish that task, then kudos to you. Give yourself a big pat on the back I guess! Now that we’ve established how bad you’ve neglected your under eye region and possibly your skin in general, it’s time to cover what you can do to fix things. Trust me, those dark circles are ugly AF and they’re nothing to be proud about having.

Fix your dark circles

Fix Your Under Eye Circles By Doing All This Stuff

Sure, the dark circles can sometimes be genetics, but not all the time. Assuming you’ve got no family history of darkening of your under eye skin, then great! You actually have a better chance of making your under eye region look and feel better. Here’s what you need to consider doing in order to make that happen.

The first thing you’ll want to do is keep your skin well-hydrated. How do you do that? Very easily. All you need to do is apply an effective hydrating cream which contains an ingredient known as niacinamide as well as glycerine. Both ingredients will help reduce inflammation, soothe the skin, and keep you feeling hydrated.

Don’t kill me, but the next thing I’m going to suggest you do is to stop using products. There are some beauty products that just don’t do anything good for your skin. Sure, they’ll give off the impression that they will, but trust me, they won’t. Instead, the ingredients in some of these products will cause your skin to become irritated. Careful with using eye serums that don’t have strong reviews online. If you’re already using one, then discontinue it to see if it helps reduce inflammation.

Avoid spending too much time in front of the computer. Spending too much time staring at the computer screen can actually cause your skin to have pigmentation issues, especially around the under eye region. Be sure to apply a product that contains zinc oxide in the under eye region to fight off the computer screen bags and circles.

This next tip is super important and neglected so often that it just pisses me off so much. If you’re not getting an adequate amount of sleep, then prepare to have dark circles forever. Not sleeping enough causes cortisol levels to rise which can cause damage to your skin. What else goes better hand in hand other than eating nutritious foods that are healthy and good for you. If you’re eating foods that contain too much salt or you’re drinking excessively, then your skin will eventually dry out. Dry skin will make your under eye region look a lot worse than it should. Plan on having your collagen break down unless you change things up quickly.

The next tip I’m going to give you is to keep your hands away from your face. If you’re wearing acrylic nails and not properly cleansing your hands, then chances are that bacteria and the associated chemicals are doing a number on your under eye region. Stop touching that area and it’ll start to improve if you do so.

While I’ve only provided a handful of things for you to consider, I want you to start there and see what happens when you do. My guess is that your under eye¬†circles will be less puffy, less dark, less noticeable and may even look good if you do.

If you’re going to use a product, then I suggest you start here.

Under Eye Circles Are Ugly AF. Here’s How To Get Rid Of Them…
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