The Ultimate Anal Bleaching Guide

Up till now, anal bleaching was a concept known to only exotic dancers. But these days, is has become so common that it is now considered as pop culture. And when things become main stream, people start following the trends that were not known before. Anal bleaching has a similar story.  Today we put our own touch on how doing this can affect a very delicate part of your skin.

Anus Bleaching & LighteningAnal bleaching is lightening the dark circles of skin around your anus. If you don’t like your  skin color around your anus the way it is right now (which is probably dark), there is a way you can easily lighten it up through anal bleaching. But before you actually start the treatment, is it safe? Can you perform the treatment without professional help and at home? Is it a temporary fix? All your questions will be answered below.

Risks Involved With Anal Bleaching

First of all, if you are planning to get anal bleaching through a spa, you should steer clear of it. While most spas offer this service today, not all of them have trained personnel. In fact, most spas are so dirty that their cleanliness is questionable. Inexperienced staff and dirtiness can cause a lot of sexual diseases like herpes, infection and scarring. So it is highly recommended that you take matters in your own hands and perform anal bleaching at home without any professional help. Let us help you start off with a few tips and tricks for a shinier booty.

Finding the right product

First things first. In order to bleach your anus, you need the right anal bleaching cream. There are several available, but not every cream does what it says on the package. So it is important to know how anal creams work so you don’t end up wasting your cash and effort. A good anal bleaching cream should work on your skin pigments known as melanin. When these pigments are formed, the skin darkens. Hence a good cream will work its way to reduce melanin pigments so that the area you are applying it on, lightens up.  We’ve read a few sites out there that rate anal creams, and many point to the Pink Privates cream.

The three step process

When you have found the right cream, you should start the treatment by following these three simple steps.

#1:  Prepare the skin area that needs to be lightened up 

You should begin by cleaning and drying the rectal area around your anus. At this stage, you can use an exfoliating scrub or a loofah to clean the area. When exfoliating the area around your anus, be sure to be very gentle because an anal cream should never be applied to skin that is broken. If you are not gentle, the skin can easily tear on cellular level and the cream could cause problems.

#2:  Start applying the cream 

To make it work, you must apply the anal bleaching cream on the area and gently rub until it is completely absorbed. Keep applying the cream for a couple of days or until you see the desired skin tone.

#3:  Stop using the cream 

Once you have gained the right skin tone, you should stop using the cream. Excessive use of anal bleach creams can lead to undesirable minor side effects. So only use it when you really need it.

Which Anus Bleaching Cream do we Recommend?

The one that is getting all of the high accolades, not to mention amazon reviews last time I checked, is the Seductiva Intimate Zone Lightener.  (Pictured Below.)


You can read about it being a hot new product on this page.

Also, you’ll see that it was highlighted on the best selling beauty products of page.  We do our best to track these trends, and from our own experience, we can say that this product WORKS.  Bleach your way to a lighter bum!

The Ultimate Anal Bleaching Guide
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