Types Of Pimples

We all get pimples at one point or another. Most people may not realize this but there are many different types of pimples that people can develop. Some people don’t have to deal with more than one kind of pimple. Others have a difficult time and need to fight off a number of different types of zits.

It happens and whether or not you have to fight them off isn’t what’s most important. What really matters here is understanding the type of acne that is developing on your skin, what’s causing the condition and how to best treat it. I’m going to go over some of the different types of pimples that exist and how to overcome various conditions.
types of pimples

Various Types Of Pimples And How To Fight Them Off

Understanding the type of pimple that you’ve developed can cut down on the treatment cycle and clear up the process. Some are much easier to deal with than others and it’s not uncommon for many to linger for years. Of course, they don’t stick around forever but they develop, clear up, and reappear in the same spot over and over again. It’s quite common for this type of thing to happen. Knowing the type of pimple that’s forming can help you clear things up quicker. Let me start with the simplest pimple form…

White Head Pimples

This is probably the most common type of pimple that people develop. It’s pretty easy to treat and doesn’t take too much work in order to clear things up. When you develop these types of pimples, there’s usually some inflammation that’s associated with a pimple. This is a blocked pore with a small layer of skin on top covering the opening of the pore. Lots of people will want to pop these as they develop them. I’m telling you that doing so is a terrible idea. The best approach is to dry the whiteheads¬†out. If you want to get rid of it quickly, assuming the head has formed, you can pop it, but you must do so in the most sanitary manner possible e.g. wearing gloves.

Blind Pimples

Another type of pimple is called the blind pimple. This can be really painful and super deep. The pain can actually be sensitive to the touch and getting these types of pimples to clear up isn’t easy at all. The reason these types of pimples are referred to as blind is because they don’t have any heads. Most of the time, they are quite large and painful. They become extremely inflamed and are close to the nerves. Some think that they are the most difficult of all pimples to get rid of. The key to clearing these suckers up is to treat them at first sign. Do not wait until it’s forming a head. Treat them once you notice them turning sore and red.

Recurring Pimples

These are pimples that show up consistently in the same spot. Hence why they are termed recurring pimples. If you continue to get pimples in the same spot over and over, then you might have a problem in the localized area. For example, your pore might have become damaged at one point or another. It’s possible if you’ve continuously squeezed the pimple, that it’s become weak, which is why it’s tough to prevent inflammation and infections from occurring or reoccurring I should say. In the event that you continue to have spots show up more than a couple time per month, then I want you to seek professional help. You may have a more serious condition that only a professional is capable of evaluating and diagnosing.

Stress Pimples

Have you ever been super stressed out and during that time period, developed an ugly zit? Well, that my friend is what we call a stress pimple.¬†These pimples tend to show up at the wrong time almost every single time. When you become stressed, your hormone levels fluctuate. Since hormones control the production of oils, then imbalanced hormones can cause problems. Increased stress levels lead to an increase in the amount of sebum your body is producing. This injunction with dead and damaged skin cells, and you’ve got a problem. The best way to eliminate these pimples is to better control your stress levels. Exercising daily and eating healthy can certainly have a positive impact on things for you.

It also helps if you keep your skin clean and from bacteria. I’d also like to suggest that you get plenty of rest to combat the stress levels. There are plenty of things that you can do to reduce stress. I’d be here all day if I listed them all off.

Hormone Pimples

Yes, there is such thing as hormone pimples. I’m sure it’s easy to understand the underlying cause of this type of a pimple. Hormonal zits aren’t all that easy to treat but they aren’t impossible to clear up. You need to know where to look to be able to identify whether or not the pimples you have are hormonal pimples. Check your jawline and chin. If they are in this area and developed over a period of 12 hours, then they are likely hormonal pimples.

If you’ve made any adjustments to your lifestyle, then you’ll want to get that back on track asap. Another treatment approach would be to apply salicylic acid to the are affected. You can also try applying a clay mask to your face. This will help you reduce the inflammation, clear your pores, and control the production of oil. Get lots of sleep, cut down on sugar and keep a diary or log of when these pimples form on your skin.

These are the main types of pimples that can form on your body. I strongly suggest that you see your local dermatologist in the event that you are unable to identify a specific type of pimple or zit. You may have a more serious condition that can only be fixed via professional medical treatment.

Types Of Pimples
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