Tresor Rare Review

I’m all for basic drug store and grocery store brands, but if you’re looking for something like that then look elsewhere. This review covers a brand called Tresor Rare which is considered to be a premium brand or luxury skin care brand. The brand was created around a focal point of gems and other precious stones. They offer both skin products and perfume, starting as a perfume only company. They’ve since expanded significantly, offering lots of other products via various skin collections based on your personal needs.

The question is whether or not this is truly worth the expensive price that’s basically non-negotiable. I’ve decided to dive deeper into the Tresor Rare brand to help shed some light on the products, ingredients, formulas, and the company in general.

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More About The Tresor Rare Brand

The high-end brand was launched back in 1979 as just a perfume company. The fragrances were very high end and sophisticated focusing on attracting consumers with the same values. The original perfume formulas consisted of the use of lots of fragrances. Fast forward to today, the brand has officially branched out to offer anti aging products.

The Corporate Website

I dove into the corporate website and quickly learned that the brand has an ambassador that’s extremely popular. Everyone knows Mariah Carey and she seems to be the spokeswoman for the brand. I also learned that the company has won a number of awards over the years.

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Based on the website, it seems as though the website has a customer review of 4.71 out of 5.0. I like how the company has lots of ways to contact them. They have clearly defined customer service hours, a contact us form, phone numbers for both EU and USA and more. The company provides manufacturing information for both EU and US locations as well. I should also mention that they offer an online chat messaging system for those looking to connect immediately with them.

If you take a closer look at the Awards page, you’ll notice that they’ve won a number of awards each year since 2013.

Shipping / Returns / Privacy Policy

Tresor Rare has a very specific shipping and returns policy which they’ve prominently displayed on their website. Shipping within the US is affordable at $7.00 for purchases less than $150 and free for those over $150. If you’re not satisfied with the products, they offer a 14-day refund policy for any and all unopened goods. However, you must have bought from the corporate website in order to be eligible for this refund.

The Tresor Rare Products

As of today, the company offers a number of skin care product and each of them has been created through the inspiration of various gemstones, diamonds, and gold. Lots of celebs have decided to use the products and even endorse them, such as Mariah Carey and Bella Hadid. I’ve covered some of the most popular products below to help you make a purchasing decision…

Blue Sapphire Age Defying Eye Zone Concentrate

This eye zone concentrate is a serum that’s said to help fight aging issues. You know, things like fine lines, dark circles, sagging eyelids, puffiness, and more. This line supposedly contains diamond powder, liposomes, redefined blue sapphire, plant stem cells and even phospholipids. However, they do not reveal the exact ingredients list on the website, so it’s difficult to say how much of each is included in the product. Oh, by the way, this costs about $900.

Express Lifting Concentrated Cream

This is supposedly a quick fix eye cream that’s been developed to help lift your skin back to health. In other words, it helps improve your elasticity and ultimately acts to plump, smooth, and reset the skin around your eyes to perfect condition. This is to be applied twice per day once you’ve cleansed your skin. It costs roughly $1,100.

Blue Sapphire Age Defying Eye Zone Treatment

This product contains blue sapphire and it’s considered to be a cream that’s light on your skin. It’s meant to help improve the brightness of your skin around your eyes, reduce the puffiness, and remove the dark circles that exist around your skin. The main reason someone might consider using this is to uplift the under eye region almost instantly. It’s a quick fix type product that continues to work many hours after applied. The ingredients are not released on the website, but they claim to incorporate rare ingredients nevertheless. You can have this for $800.

Ultimate Pearl Facial Peel

They have a collection which is based on incorporating the use of pearls, it’s within the Ultimate Pearl collection. This product is the Ultimate Pearl Facial Peel which was created to help brighten, detox, cleanse, and rejuvenate your skin back to health. This specific product incorporates ingredients such as diamond powder, pearl powder, ginkgo biloba leaf, and many others. The product also contains fragrances as alcohol. This product will cost $2250.

Moisturizing Balm For Men

The Tresor Rare brand also creates products for men. While I’m not sure how many men are willing to spend this amount of money on the products, nevertheless, they’ve got them available. This product, in particular, is a cream that goes on smoothly and applies just as a moisturizing balm should. It’s said to help improve your skin tone and it does so through the use of incorporating rare ingredients. You’re best to apply it twice daily. It has a 4.0 out of 5.0 rating based on the corporate site. The product costs $900.


Should you buy the Tresor Rare products? That’s the ultimate question that you want answered. I get it, trust me. It’s difficult to make a purchasing decision in general, let alone for products that cost hundreds if not, thousands of dollars. While some of these Tresor Rare products may be good, I strongly encourage you to do your homework before purchasing them. The reason I say that is due to the third party reviews that have been posted on the site. I’m not saying they are a waste of money, I’m just saying, do your research before you spend that amount of money on skin care products. Do more than just reading this too!

Tresor Rare Review
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