Trader Joe’s + Rose Water = A Soon To Be Skin Care Addiction


My wife has an addiction. It’s pretty bad, BUT not what you think. Every single day (twice daily actually), she passes by a Trader Joe’s and more often than not, she wants to stop. While I love all the goodies that she brings home from the place, I can’t help but cringe thinking what the credit card statement is going to look like. However, my guess is that she’ll be stopping at Trader Joe’s more than ever before, now that they’ve officially launched their skin care line.

The good news is that they’re affordable and great for people with sensitive skin. Here’s what you need to know about the product line before your next stop at the popular store.

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Trader Joe’s Skin Care Line Will Save You Time & Money

I’m sure you love the fact that you can finally head to store, pick up an assortment of goods and do so without spending your whole weeks worth of earnings in doing so. Trader Joe’s is the spot for just about everything now, even your skin care needs.

While I write this blog post, I sit here in Starbucks knowing that I’m going to likely spend more money here than my wife will spend on skin products on her way home from Trader Joe’s. Sure, the bill might be higher overall, but we’re talking skin care products alone.

The product…

A recently launched Rose Facial Oil! Oh, that’s not all, they’ve also recently launched a Rose Water Facial Toner to go with it. Guess what, the products are only $4.00! The question is whether or not they match up to the expensive products sold on the Internet. Check them out right here on their official website.

Here’s what you need to know about the formulas. The toner incorporates the use of Damask rose water and oil, the infamous witch hazel, as well as soap bark. One thing that’s unfortunately unnatural about it is that it contains fragrance. That said, so do a ton of other skin care products on the market, so NBD (aka no big deal).

If you’re looking to try out an inexpensive line of rose water based skin care products, then head on over to Trader Joe’s to get them. I mean, for that price, unless it ends up having horrible reviews, then it only makes sense to give it a try.

If you’re still unsure as to whether or not this ingredient is good for your skin, then I suggest you read this page and the many others where we’ve praised it for various reasons.

I guess the bottom line is that Trader Joe’s is a staple for many people today. It’s perhaps one of the most highly visited and loved stores in America. Not only for the money saving opportunities but the sheer volume and variety that it offers. It’s a winner like never before and now it’s the stop millions of people will be making for skin care products.

Now, if you’ve got some more money to spend and you’re looking to further explore options, then I suggest you check out our best anti aging products page. This is where we cover the best of the best.

Trader Joe’s + Rose Water = A Soon To Be Skin Care Addiction
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