Toxic Chemicals In Cosmetics

Not all cosmetic ingredients are created equal. Some of them are downright terrible for you. I mean, not just bad but really bad. In fact, there are many cosmetic ingredients that are even considered to be toxic. As people become more concerned with nature and the environment, the more they tend to shy away from toxic ingredients.

With people going more and more green every year, the concern for toxic chemicals consumption has been on the rise. Each year it seems like the expensive aka luxury niche of products seem to try and go green as possible. Natural and safer alternative ingredient choices seem to be all the rage. Perhaps that’s why the cost of these products continues to climb. Anyway, I’m not here to talk cost with you. I’m here to tell you a few things about some ingredients that you need to know about. Given the increased demand for products containing non-toxic chemicals, it’s important to be able to identify the difference between those containing toxic ingredients and non-toxic.

Toxic Chemicals In CosmeticsAssuming you are one of the many people with a strong interest in learning which ingredients to avoid and why¬†then you need to read this. I’ve provided a list of many ingredients that are considered to be toxic cosmetic chemical ingredients.

Toxic Chemicals and Ingredients You Might Want To Avoid

Here is a list of about a dozen so-called “toxic ingredients” that you’ll want to avoid or at least be educated on. Whether or not you choose to avoid these ingredients is completely up to you. I’m just here to shed some light on them and provide information on the ingredients.


I bet you didn’t think that fragrance would be toxic! However, fragrance is one of the top ingredients that that denotes the fact that many toxic ingredients may be found in a product. Fragrance¬†is a common ingredient that can be found in hair products, skin, and body products. This specific type of ingredient might actually consist of thousands of ingredients that have been mixed together. It’s tough to say what the issue is.


Thinking about lead and what it can do to your body can’t make you feel good. In fact, it’s pretty mind-boggling to think that lead can be found in so many cosmetic products. This is a toxin that was commonly used in personal products and makeup. It’s been known to cause issues in pregnant females. The kicker here is that lead, in general, is not a toxic cosmetic ingredient. The ingredient is not put into cosmetics intentionally. The presence of this ingredient is typically a byproduct contamination issue. Concentrations of lead have been known to be found in lipstick, so be careful with that.


Parabens have been hated over the last couple of years as many new emerging companies pride themselves in being paraben free. This toxic ingredient is one that many have been removing from their products. You’ll find many shampoos proudly stating that they are paraben free. The reasons parabens are considered to be toxic is because they are easily absorbed into your skin. Once absorbed, it’s said that they affect internal systems such as reproductive, immune, and nervous system.


Some people think that Triclosan is actually good for you. However, what it is might shock you. This ingredient is actually a pesticide that you will likely find in many antibacterial products. The ingredient has been known to cause hormone issues in users. The reason this ingredient is used is to prevent bacteria from growing on products.


I’ve written about this ingredient in the past and although it’s considered to be toxic, it’s very common toxic chemical. The siloxanes are commonly included in the formulas to help make products smoother and softer. You’ll find this in eyeshadows, and other cosmetics that use lots of color. Before using products containing this ingredient, you should know that they have been known to damage your reproductive system as well as your endocrine system.

PEG Compounds

PEG Compounds are another toxic chemical that you will find in many many cosmetics. The main reason this ingredient is used in products is to help improve penetration properties of products. Let me give you an example, moisturizer is able to penetrate your skin because of the PEG Compounds that exist within the formula. What you probably don’t know is that this ingredient isn’t necessarily harmful, but the reason they must be avoided is due to the contamination that’s often associated with them.


This is another toxic ingredient that you’ll want to be on the lookout for in your ingredients list. Green products typically omit this ingredient altogether. Sulfates are often found in cleansers and soaps because they provide them with that foamy and soapy consistency. In other words, they help them work better. It’s important to understand that this can really be a problem due to the absorption that can take place. This ingredient is commonly associated with skin and respiratory issues. I know, it’s ironic that it would cause skin issues, but it does.

One thing you must understand is that I’m not telling you to completely avoid products that contain any of these toxic chemicals. What I’m telling you to do is do your homework. If you can avoid ingredients that might be toxic, then you should. If there’s an alternative product which omits any of these ingredients, then best to go with the alternative, that’s all I’m saying. This will end up being a growing list of chemicals and ingredients which you should think about avoiding. Check back regularly for updates.

Toxic Chemicals In Cosmetics
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