Top Plastic Surgeon Launches Youth Corridor Company


When you think of a high-end skin care line or a specific beauty product, chances are the first thing that comes to your mind isn’t a plastic surgeon. Am I right? Well, one of the top plastic surgeons in his field has recently made his vision a reality through his new brand, Youth Corridor, Timeless Beauty.

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Dr. Gerald Imber and Youth Corridor

Gerald Imber, M.D. has been recognized for having a gift of producing natural-looking results through the use of a knife. He’s taken his beliefs one step further to prove his philosophy and belief in taking preventative measures and maintenance seriously when it comes to your skin.

Dr. Gerald Imber launched Youth Corridor, which is an anti aging skin care line that he’s created. The products are said to have stemmed from years of medical research and skin care techniques.

Many individuals may look at Dr.Gerald Imber’s approach and feel that his approach could negatively impact his current successful business as a plastic surgeon. I personally think his approach couldn’t be better. There’s a good chance that there are many individuals out there who cannot afford to pay for the surgical procedures that would like to benefit from Dr. Gerald Imber’s expertise. That is, of course, assuming that he is in fact in the top 1% of his profession. I’ve not done enough research to confirm that as of yet. I was able to find a recent publication in the Daily Mail where he offered a number of tips to help you look younger through dedication versus

Let me share a little information on the products that Youth Corridor offers. According to an article published in, the line is both “paraben and surfactant-free” and it utilizes a “proprietary technology that delivers each product’s cocktail.” I can’t personally comment on what the proprietary technology is since I was unable to find any additional information on it. What I can say is that this skin care line is anything other than inexpensive. The Dual Action Cleanser sells for $100.00 and the Antioxidant Vitamin C Boost Serum sells for $305.00.  (In comparison, look at other cleansers we recommend and their respective prices on this page.)

While I’m all for spending money on products to help you look and feel good, I’d have to be extremely focused on my skin care regimen before investing $305 on one product. Then again, I’m sure if someone is visiting a plastic surgeon that’s considered to be in the top 1% in their field, I’m sure money isn’t a question. I’d love to connect with any individuals that have used the products to find out what they think of them.

Top Plastic Surgeon Launches Youth Corridor Company
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