Top Fitness Trends Heading into 2018

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Let’s face it, we all have our favorite way to work up a sweat.  With different climates catering to different types of people, it seems there is a work out for everything these days.

Over the years we’ve seen some crazy work out trends.  “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” by Richard Simmons was a popular one.  Then, there was the “Tai Bo” guy and revolution behind him.  I’ve done P90x as well as it’s sister, cardio based product called “Insanity.”

Workout regimens come and go.  Today, we’ll talk about the programs and concepts that people are using as we enter the year 2018.

What is Popular in Fitness Going into 2018?

#1:  Group Fitness Classes

It doesn’t matter if you are into cardio, weights, yoga, or pilates, the largest trend in fitness is group classes.  People like to work out with others, and it provides some sense of motivation to work out along side people that are either interested in the same type of routine as you, or who are friends or family.  Orange Theory has been a very solid fitness class for many people.  Yoga and pilates is another example.

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#2:  Self Limiting Movement

This may not sound fun to you, but the concept behind it gets great results. This will help you blast through your limitations and build muscle.  The fundamental theory behind this workout is to combine exercises that are nearly impossible to do without having proper form.  An example would be a lunge with a goblet, or a pull up.  Doing these types of workouts will help assist with posture as well as provide help with balance and strength.

#3:  Focus on Recovery

While this may not be an actual workout, it’s a trend in fitness that we can’t ignore.

When your body breaks down after a hard workout, a passive recovery will help the body heal quicker.  While this is an old school technique, there is no denying that cryotherapy studios are popping up all over the country.

Cryotherapy decreases cell growth, pain, and inflammation.  All of this increases cell survival.  This is the art of surrounding your body with -150 Celcius (freezing cold) mist for 1-3 minutes.  Some people simply can’t handle it.  A video is below.

You can read as many fitness reviews as you want, and you’ll seed different suggestions, but these are the trends that seem to be leading the charge as we enter 2018.

On the other hand, we have infrared saunas.  These are amazing at detoxifying the body and cleansing the system.  This is done by using infrared lighting that heats your body from the inside, to the outside.  They can also assist with weight loss and relieve stress.  As an added bonus, it’ll boost your immune system, much like vitamin c and ginger

Top Fitness Trends Heading into 2018
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