Top 8 States Where People Look Much Older Than Their Age


Now, after reading this headline you probably think I’m going to bust out a ton of crazy gifs and memes just like those silly folks at Buzzfeed. Guess what, not a chance in the world! No time for that fun. All we’ve got time for today is facts and more facts. That’s why I’m typing away here today to share you some facts on aging and state correlations.

If you talk to any dermatologist or plastic surgeon, they’ll tell you that so many factors assist with the aging process and they all most certainly affect how things stare back at you in the mirror. Sure, there things like smoke, sleep, stress, humidity, and others that play a prominent role in your looks.


Did you know that the state in which you live plays a huge role as well? Some states just have people that look much older than their actual age. We’ve done the research and finally have the official list of states where people actually look a lot older than there actual age. If you’re living in any of the states mentioned below, you may want to move out!

Top 8 States For Aging Quicker

Eight States Where People Look A Lot Older Than Their Real Age (On Average, Of Course)

Here’s the list!


You’re probably wondering why Indiana made the list. If you’re a Pacers fan, then chances are you’re pretty pissed about being on the list. Trust me, I get it but the solution isn’t to get mad it’s to clean it up – the air that is!

The air quality in Indiana is amongst the top 5 worst air out there in the entire United States of America. On top of that, it cracks top 20 for the highest stress levels. This is a nasty combo that can leave you looking two years older or more than your actual age.


If you’re a fan of The Wire, then you might live in Maryland or you may want to visit. Don’t stay too long though, the air will age you like crazy. Truth be told, it’s got the 7th worst ranked air quality in the country.

That’s pretty awful for those looking to keep that youthful look. Now, here’s the kicker, the people that live in Maryland are actually pretty well-rested so that makes up for the bad air somewhat.


I bet you didn’t think Kentucky would be on the list? Well, with all the bourbon they produce I kind of assumed that it would be on the list. Kentuck actually ranks as one of the states with the most sleep deprivation in America. Combine that with the high-stress levels and plan on looking a couple of years older than your actual age.


I love Alabama sports, but there’s no way I’m living here again knowing what I know about the state. The residents living in Alabama are the third most stressed out of all states in the United States.

Terrible air quality, high stress, and a tough economy make for quick aging. Plan on looking at least two years older if you’re living in Tuscaloosa or anywhere else in Alabama I guess. Hey, at least you’ve got good sports teams!


Again, this goes to show just how influential poor air quality is when it comes to maintaining your youthfulness and young looks. Delaware ranks in the top 15 for having the worst air quality out there in America. They have a lot of factories and what not in the area and that’s part of the reason why people look so much older than they really are. In fact, they look a full two years older.


I couldn’t believe this one but Utah actually ranks as having the worst air quality in the entire country. Hard to believe right? That with low humidity is going to make you look about 12-months older than your actual age. Not terrible, but not great.


Georgia has pretty poor air quality and that’s why it’s common for residents of the state to look a year older on average. That’s actually not that bad considering just how horrible the air quality truly is there.


Well, if you want to look older and age prematurely, then all you need to do is move to Tennessee. This state gets poor sleep on average, has high-stress levels on average, has terrible air quality on average and has poor humidity levels as well. Tennessee is perhaps the worst when it comes to aging prematurely and plan on looking two years older than your actual age if you do reside here.

I’m actually quite surprised that Florida wasn’t on this list given their poor sunscreen use collectively.

Again, don’t shoot the messenger I’m just sharing the facts provided by the If you’ve got a problem with it, take it up with them! In the meantime, start packing or stay put – the choice is yours!

Top 8 States Where People Look Much Older Than Their Age
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