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There’s a trend in skin care these days and it’s bigger than any that I’ve ever seen over the years. I’m referring to a specific type of skin care that comes from Korea. It’s referred to as K-Beauty or Korean Beauty aka Korean Skin Care. Now, with that trend has emerged a ton of brands which have come out of the woodwork and made their way to the United States. One of those brands is TonyMoly. This is a brand that’s actually been around for quite a while. It was founded in 2006 and the company produces a ton of different products. In fact, the product range is pretty wide covering things like skin care products, accessories, and even cosmetics. They even sell complete kits for those looking to revamp their entire routine.

Most of the products have been created with the focal ingredients being botanicals. This should come as no surprise once you see what the products look like and the related packaging. As the trend continues to gain popularity, so does the creation of other brands within this space. I’m not here today to talk about other brands though, just TonyMoly. If you’re the type that likes to try new brands and products, then I suggest giving this a shot. But first, check out the reviews of the products below to learn more.

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All About TonyMoly Skin Care Products

No doubt about it, the TonyMoly products are definitely getting more and more popular as time progresses. That said, lots of people are working these products into their skin care routine.

If you didn’t know, the TonyMoly brand offers a ton of different types of products. Some of the product types are serums and masks. In fact, these are the most popular types of products so I’ve covered a few of them right here below. They also offer sunscreen, nose packs, green tea cleansers and more.

I’ll spend most of my time covering the masks because they are the most popular. I’ll kick things off with the avocado mask.

I’m Real Avocado Mask – This is perhaps one of the most popular TonyMoly masks on the market. The avocado mask helps deliver antioxidants and fatty acids to consumers via a mask. The mask is awesome for anyone looking to neutralize those pesky free radicals that cause so much damage. If you didn’t know, they damage your skin, so you’ve gotta break them down and get rid of them.

Master Lab Ceramide Mask – The next mask is the ceramide mask which contains active ingredients of none other than ceramides. These help with moisturization and keep ceramides levels high as you get older is important. This mask works and is perhaps the most popular of them all.

I’m Real Tomato Mask – You say tomato I say tomato. This isn’t a very popular ingredient when it comes to skin care products, but it’s one that works. If you’re fighting damage and trying to repair things, then you’ll find that this tomato mask is able to help due to the lycopene in each mask. The tomatoes help boost moisture levels in your skin as well.

I’m Real Pomegranate Mask – This contains pomegranate extract. It’s loaded with antioxidants which can help boost your complexion.

I’m Real Seaweed Mask – Yes, TonyMoly offers a seaweed mask. The seaweed mask is jam-packed with minerals, nutrients, and vitamins. Replenishing your moisture is the plan and trust me, doing it here is simple. See also: Seaweed Extracts

I’m Real Aloe Mask – The aloe mask is a winner for sure. I’m a huge fan of this ingredient because I know just how effective it really is. This is fantastic and it’s great for those dealing with sin sensitivity issues, especially if you’re prone to allergic reactions and negative reactions. If you’re currently residing in a geographical location that’s tough on your skin, then this mask will help. Trust me, Aloe vera gel is the best, hands down.

Master Lab Vitamin C Mask – the vitamin C mask is awesome too, especially if you’re fighting dark spots and skin damage. It’s able to boost your skin by lightening it and it’s also able to stimulate your collagen production.

Master Lab Hyaluronic Acid Mask – Let me not forget that they have a hyaluronic acid mask as well. Of course, the main ingredient is hyaluronic acid. It’s a moisture booster if you didn’t know that.

Using The Masks

Using these masks is quite simple. All you have to do is follow the directions and apply one of the sheets or facial masks and leave them on for the amount of time directed. Some of the masks are able to be left on for up to 30 minutes or more. Once you’ve applied them for as long as directed, remove them and reap the benefits of your application.

What’s The Price

The great news is that these masks are extremely affordable. They cost anywhere between $3 and $10 depending on the type of mask that you get. They are only good for a one-time use but still effective and cheap in my opinion.

If you’re looking to purchase the masks, my advice would be to head on over to Sephora or ULTA. You can purchase them on the website, but it’s in a foreign language and much easier to just buy them locally. The other option would be to check them out on

Amazon Listing

If you take a look at the TonyMoly products on Amazon, you’ll notice that there are dozens of them and most with positive reviews. Take for example the I’m Real Cherry Blossom Brightening Sheet Mask. This product has 9 positive reviews and it only costs $3.00 per mask. The listing shows exactly how to use the mask and gives a great description, telling consumers what it can do for their skin. They do have other products for sale aside from the one-time use masks. Most of those products are less than $10 as well. I strongly suggest checking those out as well.

TonyMoly Masks

If you’re planning on buying these products, then I suggest you read some more of the reviews posted on the Internet. You’ll find that most of the reviews online are very positive.

Check out the corporate site here.

TonyMoly Review
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