Titanium Dioxide

If you’re a fan of blocking those nasty UV rays, then there is one super strong ingredient that you need to familiarize yourself with. The ingredient that I’m talking about is titanium dioxide. Many people haven’t got a clue what this is and what it does.

Titanium dioxide is an oxide of titanium. This ingredient gives many skin care products that are bright looking color that many have. There are certain properties within this ingredient that make it effective against UV rays as a blocker. However, there are a few things that you’ll want to know about this ingredient before you decide using sunscreens containing it.

Titanium Dioxide

I’m almost 100% positive that your dermatologist knows all about this ingredient and they’ll be able to share many things that you need to know about it. One of the main reasons why you must take precautions is that it’s been known to increase¬†the chances of getting cancer.

Believe it or not, the ingredient has been approved for various skin care product use and food coloring since the mid-60s.

What Is Titanium Dioxide?

For those curious, titanium dioxide is one of those ingredients that successfully helps block UV rays. Many sunscreens for both babies and people with extra sensitive skin contain this ingredient. Head on over to any CVS or Walgreens and I’m almost certain that you’ll find a high SPF sunscreen that contains this ingredient.

The reason that so many sunscreen manufacturers choose to use this ingredient is because it lasts much longer than other common sunscreen ingredients such as octinoxate. The titanium dioxide is able to withstand the UV rays better than most and it does not break down as quickly as the rest, making it essentially more effective.

Sunscreens that contain this ingredient typically have higher SPF levels and they last longer, but are they better for you to use? Some sunscreens that do not contain this ingredient tend to get discolored once the UV rays hit them. They turn yellowish and even become slightly unstable or ineffective on hot sunny days.

Assuming your skin is very sensitive, especially to the sun, then you might want to use a sunscreen that contains titanium dioxide. Doing so will help reduce the risk of sun damage.

Assuming you’re looking for a solid sunscreen that’s reliable and containing this ingredient, then I suggest that you look for one that is completely waterproof as well as resistant to sweat. You don’t want to purchase a sunscreen that’s going to last such a short period of time that it is a complete waste of time to use.

The Risks

One thing you must know about using this product is that there are some risks involved. Many people are scared to use products containing this ingredient due to the link to cancer. What you need to understand is that this is only a concern if you use products containing this ingredient for a long period of time.

One very important thing to understand about this ingredient and the concern is that the ingredient cannot be absorbed into your skin. The small doesn’t that you use while applying sunscreen are quite minimal.

However, I’m not telling you that there are not any risks at all here. Some people with overly sensitive skin have reported issues with products containing titanium dioxide. Many side effects may come about due to being allergic to the ingredient. Should this happen, you may find yourself having lots of burning, itching, and red patches on aggravated areas of your skin.

The negative side effects can last for quite some time regardless how long you have used products containing the ingredient or not. Also, it’s tough to say when in fact the side effects will subside.

If you’re concerned, head to the dermatologist or local family physician and ask them for their opinion on things.

Where To Look

If you want to determine whether or not a product contains this ingredient, then all you need to do is take a look at the label. You’ll most likely find an active ingredient list and that’s where you will find it. In the event that the sunscreen or product you’re attempting to apply does not have an ingredient list, then don’t use it! Applying products to your body where you haven’t got a clue what’s in them doesn’t make any sense. You could be doing more harm than good in taking that approach.

Where To Buy

I kinda covered this already but for those that need clarification, simply head on over to any local pharmacy and ask for sunscreen. Chances are that the store will have a huge selection of products for you to choose from. Don’t be shy about it either, check them all out one at a time while looking for certain things that I’ve mentioned today. You know, things like waterproof, sweat resistant, titanium dioxide and safe for babies. Find all that good stuff and you’ll be good to go with any sunscreen you choose, assuming that your doctor approves.

Titanium Dioxide
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