Tips From Olivia Culpo That’ll Help Improve Your Skin


I normally don’t personally write about celebrities but today I’ve got a special treat for you. That’s right, Oliva Culpo dropped some great skin care tips to help you improve the condition of your skin! Okay, so she’s not here sitting in my office next to me right now, but she did share some special tips that I think you’ll appreciate and perhaps never forget. I know, just in time for Christmas too. I’m going to waste as little of your time as possible and get right to the facts.

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Everything Olivia Culpo Does To Keep Her Skin Beautiful

When Olivia Culpo hears the words “skin care” one very specific product comes to mind. I’m referring to the Clarisonic. It’s one of her favorite products and it’s perhaps the most widely recognized cleansing brush company on the planet. She loves them so much that the company asked her if they could pay her to promote some of their new products being launched.

That’s not all that Olivia Culpo likes, she actually likes everything that has to do with skin care. She’s no slouch when it comes to this niche and she knows her products, brands and beauty secrets.

After sitting down with the editor at Allure, she spilled the beans and told the world something that most of us would have never guessed. It has to do with her morning routine. She does not wash her face in the morning. She simply rinses with water and that’s it. My guess is that she feels her skin is still clean from the night before. Anyway, after diving into that basic routine, she quickly moves on to applying a moisturizer that contains SPF.

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At night, her routine is quite simple. She first uses her trusty Clarisonic with a cleanser. This allows her to easily remove any makeup buildup from the day. Then she applies a serum or an oil to her face. Last but not least, she applies a heavier cream.

While traveling, Olivia Culpo likes to keep her skin care routine pretty consistent with her non-traveling days. She does incorporate the use of some masks when she can. She’s also quite fond of drinking water and does it all day long. When she’s slacked on the water consumption, if lines show up on her face, she’s using a mask and even sleep with it on if her skin looks really dry.

When asked what her number one skin care tip was, she had one thing to say, “Drink water!” I can’t say that I disagree with her. Water is so essential if you want to have nice looking skin.

Olvia is a fan of making her own scrubs. She also isn’t afraid to apply two cold spoons on her eyes if they look bad. While I’d typically suggest applying an eye serum to them instead, it’s something that’s free that you can do, so why the heck not!

As the winter weather worsens and the temperature drops, it’s important to do everything you can to keep your skin healthy looking. Don’t be afraid to apply some of these techniques shared by Olivia!

Tips From Olivia Culpo That’ll Help Improve Your Skin
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