Tips From A Skin Care Pessimist (I Had To Share)


Do you have any friends that just can’t seem to think positive or say anything positive at all? We’ve all got that pessimistic individual that we just can’t get away from. If you’re trying to dodge them like a bullet, then trust me, you’re not alone in this ball game.

If there’s one type of person that we don’t want to hear skin care advice from, it’s the pessimist. However, I’m breaking all my rules today and sharing some of those tips with you. Take them as you wish or read this more positive article here. Now if you’re okay with the Debbie Downer version, then keep on reading!

skin tips from a pessimist
Credit: NBC Rachel Dratch aka Debbie Downer

Skin Tips From The Ever Popular Pessimist

I typically like to surround myself with optimistic folk but every so often I get the urge to really get a peek at the view from the other side of the table. I spoke with a friend of mine who’s a skin care expert and they’re a pessimist to the Nth degree. I picked their brain about a few things related to daily skin care practices and this is what they had to say…

Coconut oil clogs pores.

This person is convinced that using coconut oil on your skin is a terrible idea. While I’m a rather large fan of the product (for protein shakes and skin care), I led with an open mind to hear them out. According to my friend, coconut oil can clog your pores and even cause breakouts to occur. If this is happening to you, then you need to back away. However, if it works like a charm, then keep working it!

Skin care pills aren’t necessary.

The pessimist said that skin care pills are not worth your time or money. All those skin supplements on the market out there and you’re better off not using any of them. They do nothing to actually fix your skin. In fact, accordingly, to my negative friend, they claim that the effects of taking them often wear off soon as you stop taking the supplements.

Eye creams aren’t worth it.

Now, my buddy the pessimist claims that eye creams are nothing but face moisturizers for your eyes. I laid it right out there and said that I 100% don’t agree with that statement one bit. Sure, popular eye serums and creams contain similar ingredients as face moisturizers, but often at different strengths and formulas. So this time I couldn’t let that slide. Speaking of eye creams, our favorite is none other than this here.

That sounds fancy AF, it probably sucks.

If you spend time searching the web for skin care solutions, you’ll come across some fancy pants name brands. My friend told me that just because a product sounds cool doesn’t mean that it works or that it’s worth buying. I guess in this case, the pessimist nailed it spot on.

Ab creams will leave you with nothing but a waist, they’re a waste of money.

There are lots of products out there that claim to be the answer to stripping that fat off of your belly. Well, that’s not going to happen if you’re using these ab toners and creams. The pessimist said that most of the time these are more effective if thrown straight into the garbage. You’ll end up burning money, not fat. If you’re interested in checking one out, they try this by SteelFit.

Blackhead removers do more harm than good.

I hate blackheads and I’m always on the market for products and treatments to help minimize these blackhead breakouts. Well, the pessimist claims that the blackhead extractor and all the masks your using aren’t going to help one bit. In fact, they may make things worse.

Well, at that point I had to cut the conversation short because I just can’t have all that negativity in my life. Now, that said, you need to decide how you want to live life. Are you going to take on today with a positive mindset or a negative mindset? The choice is 100% yours! Whatever you do, just be sure to do something!

Oh, one last thing…

I had to leave you with a clip of Debbie Downer because it’s just too darn good not to do so!

Tips From A Skin Care Pessimist (I Had To Share)
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