These Things Will Most Likely Keep Your Skin Looking Younger Than Ever


We’ve all been subject to a bunch of painful paid advertising on television. All those “As Seen On TV” products drive most of us absolutely bonkers, while the others keep them alive and well via their telephone and online purchases. Most of them don’t contain the ingredients that I’m about to share with you in them. It’s a shame that they don’t because these are the products and ingredients that can keep your skin looking fantastic. I’ll do my best to cover them as best as possible.

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Things That Keep Your Skin Young Looking

I’m going to try and keep this short as possible, but without leaving the knowledge gap too large with regards to many ingredients that can help improve your skin, making you look amazing as can be.


The first thing that you need to know is that charcoal can be great for your skin. Activated charcoal helps you absorb toxins better than just about any other ingredient out there. In fact, if you poison yourself with alcohol, then this is the ingredient that they give you to help remove the toxins. Yes, that’s just how powerful this is and it can really help absorb a ton of dirt, oil, and bacteria residing on your skin. Activated charcoal masks can help remove sebum and other debris that builds up in your pores, ultimately causing them to clog.

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Sodium Hyaluronate

The sodium hyaluronate is an ingredient that’s closely related to hyaluronic acid. It’s been said that this ingredient does “wonders” for people that need to retain moisture better in order to keep their skin looking young as possible. It’s so effective that some people will get fillers injected into their skin to remove the fine lines.


Now I know that this one isn’t all that glamorous, but it’s a staple in many eye creams and cosmetics. It can do wonders for your skin and has even been known to help reduce the presence or appearance of cellulite. Apparently, caffeine has the ability to breakdown fat, shrink blood vessels and do other good things for your skin. Don’t ask me though, I’m not a doctor or anything like that. I just research things like crazy.

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I’ve been writing about algae and other sea-based ingredients over the years. Algae is one of those ingredients that’s recently gotten plenty of exposure and many products are proudly displaying this active ingredient. I guess it has the ability to make your skin firm and smooth.

Green Tea

Another popular ingredient today is known as green tea extract. It’s used in many beauty products in order to help cut down the sun damage and protect your skin from developing cancer. While I’m not 100% on that, I can tell you that based on what I’ve read, it sounds like this might be quite helpful.

My suggestion would be to start working these into your daily skin routine one-by-one to see how your skin reacts. Chances are one of these will make you look younger and as an end result, it’ll make you feel better overall as well.

These Things Will Most Likely Keep Your Skin Looking Younger Than Ever
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