They’re Going Bananas For Skin Care Products


Okay, so I’m a huge fan of bananas. In fact, I eat a banana every single morning with my breakfast. It’s a superfood that tastes great, keeps you full, and is loaded with tons of vitamin E. Guess what, people are no longer simply adding bananas to their cereal and protein shakes. No sir! They are now adding them to their skin care routines.

Yasssss! Bananas are in there like swimwear and they are not going anywhere any time soon! In fact, if you’re not sporting some banana-enriched skin, then you’re doing it wrong.

Rather than spend your entire day messing up the kitchen and bathroom doing surgery on bananas for some DIY masks, I’m going to give you a few better options. These banana-infused skin care products will help you maintain that perfect looking skin without the hassle and mess of creating something yourself.

bananas and skin care products

Bananas & Skin Care = Trendy AF!

Okay, so here’s what you need to know if you’re looking to up your skin game and introduce some banana-based products into your life. If you’re planning on doing so, then great! If you’re still on the fence, then I’m sorry but what the heck is keeping you from making the right decision? For reals!

Just take a peek at the various products listed below and you’ll soon know why I’m going loco and on a banana bender these days…

Lanolips Lip Balm

Since it’s still summer, I figured I’d kick things off with the Lanolips Banana Lip Balm! This is a 3-in-1 lip balm that contains something called lanolin. For those unfamiliar, lanolin was actually extracted from sheep’s wool and it’s superb for smoothing out your skin. That little bit of banana just makes this one take the cake. You’ll be ready for selfies and chapped-free lips.

ole henrisken banana eye cream

Next on the list is a product made by a super popular brand called Ole Henriksen. The product is called the Banana Bright Eye Creme and it’s what many would describe as the ultimate multi-tasking product.

This banana eye cream is so popular that it nearly sold out within minutes when it first hit the marketplace. It contains banana and vitamin C, two amazing ingredients for sure. The eye cream will help brighten your skin, boost collagen, firm things up, and more. It’s a top-notch product and one worth trying.

Lush Banana hand lotion

I’m a huge Lush…fan! The Lush Cosmetics company came out with a hand and body lotion that’s handmade. It contains bananas, cocoa butter, sandalwood, and vanilla. Oh, let me not forget to mention the almond oil! This $30 treat is perfect for those dealing with hydration issues and I strongly suggest that you check this product out asap.

banana body yogurt

Let me not forget about the Banana Body Yogurt by The Body Shop! Sure, it’s got a strange name, but it delivers and is worth trying – I promise. This formula is great and your skin will absorb it right up, so quick that you won’t for a second ever think that you’re left with that greasy feeling.

This stuff smells and works so damn good that I want to eat it. PLEASE DON’T! Unfortunately, this is not edible but it sure does smell like it is! The body lotion is extremely affordable at $15 and a no-brainer for sure.

bananamond makeup remover

Next on the list is the SkinFood Bananamond Shaking Point Makeup Remover. This contains bananas and sweet almond oil. You’ll find that it works quite well if you’re looking to remove your makeup each night. For the small price of $11, it’s really a no-brainer and a fan favorite for sure.

One final thing that I want to leave you with here. If you’re trying out skin care products containing banana for the first time, then you might want to refrain from doing so. Reason being, this might cause an allergic reaction if you’re allergic to bananas!

Please be sure to spot test some of these products before applying them all over your body. Trust me, it can make all the difference in the world if you are prone to allergies. Well, that’s all she wrote, now GO BANANAS!

They’re Going Bananas For Skin Care Products
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