These Things That Will Definitely Make Your Sunburn Much Worse!


Some people think that sunscreen is a one and done type thing. They take the time to apply it before they head outside and that’s about all they do to protect their skin. Well, the end result is likely some horrific burn that you’re left dealing with for the rest of the week.

Sure, taking precautions like applying sunscreen properly and often can help but that might not be enough.

Did you know that some things can really make your burn much worse than anticipated? No lie! I’ve got some beach and backyard tips just in time to kick the Memorial Day weekend off. Pay close attention unless you want your skin destroyed and your weekend ruined.

How To Make Your Sunburn Worse

Things That Will Make Your Sunburn Worse Than Ever

Here are a couple quick tips to remember when applying sunscreen to your skin and basking in the sun. I’m not going to be bashful today as I don’t want you to ruin your weekend. So pay close attention to what I’m about to tell you…

Skip The Cologne

Guys, I know you might want to impress the ladies at the beach, but it’s in your skin’s best interest to skip the cologne. There are certain ingredients within the cologne that can cause your skin to burn more. One of those ingredients is known as oil of bergamot. This has been known to cause blisters to form on areas that have been exposed to the sun for too long.

The good news is that many companies aren’t using this oil in their products. However, just be overly cautious and skip it completely. Save it for the first date.


Water loss is a killer and the sun sucks a lot of your water out of the skin. There’s only one thing to remember to do and that’s hydrate properly. You must remember to drink lots of water when spending time in the sun. Not taking precautions like this can make your skin more painful and can even make it itch more when the burn surfaces. Keep a few cold bottles of water in your cooler and you’ll be fine.

Hot Showers

Jumping in a hot shower after spending time at the beach or by the pool all day is a bad idea. Hot showers strip the skin of oils necessary to protect itself. Taking a hot shower after being exposed to the sun can really cause issues such as blistering and even worse, it may make it more difficult to heal. The best approach is to take a lukewarm shower.

Avoid Medications

There are certain medications that you need to avoid taking if you’re planning on hanging out in the sun all day. Avoid anti-inflammatory pills, acne medications, and antibiotics. They say to avoid the sun when taking these for a reason. Most of the time it’s because they cause nasty burns when too much exposure to the sun occurs.

Don’t let these things ruin your weekend. Trust men, getting a bad sunburn during the long weekend is horrible. Just take precautions and you’ll be fine. Happy Memorial Day weekend!

These Things That Will Definitely Make Your Sunburn Much Worse!
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