These Common Things May Be Ruining Your Face Today


Ever stop and take a close look in the mirror? Be honest, do you really like what you see? I’m talking about your skin, not yourself as a whole. If you don’t like what you see then there’s a good chance that you’ve got acne or some breakouts going on these days.

I bet you a few common things didn’t even come to mind when thinking about why your skin is breaking out so much. There are plenty of common factors which you come in contact with that might be ruining your skin. It’s so frustrating when you wake up to a fresh zit and more often than not, it’s got a lot to do with your daily routine.

Many things in our life impact our skin. Things you wouldn’t even suspect to be influential. Guess what, they most definitely are!

Chances are you think that you’re doing your part and checking the boxes that matter. I’m talking about staying hydrated, removing makeup, washing your face, and all the basics. However, there are some sneaky things that you need to be aware of when it comes to your skin and breaking out.

common things destroying your skin
Tap water may destroy your skin.

Common Things Which Likely Are Destroying Your Face

The first thing might not be anything that you even thought would impact your skin but it definitely does. Let me ask you a question, do you wash your pillow case weekly? The reason I ask is that your pillow is literally a haven for germs and bacteria to live. Your pillow case is basically a place where all your dead skin and bacteria resides until further notice or you actually wash it.

Do your skin a favor and swap your pillow case out as frequently as possible. It’s common practice to change your pillow case every few days. It’s also important that you wash your face each and every night before going to sleep!

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Next up is what I like to refer to as a controllable environmental factor. It’s definitely not going to put a smile on your face when I say this but you might be using too much air conditioning. Using too much A.C. makes your face dry out and as a result, your skin will do the same. When your skin dries out, it begins to produce a lot of oil. The excess oil then causes pimples to form.

Here’s another factor that you likely didn’t think about which you’re going to kill me for mentioning. You’re going to want to avoid talking on the mobile phone of yours. Look I get it, perhaps you’re single and you’re using dating apps to meet people, which requires talking on the phone longer than desired. I totally get it and you should use these Tinder-like apps to connect with people but don’t spend hours on the phone! Having the phone on your cheek for hours is going to destroy your skin. Should you decide to do so, I want you to use an antibacterial wipe to clean the screen off.

Speaking of dating, if your partner has a beard, then that might be the issue! Beards are in style today and all the Hollywood celebs have them but they might be the reason that bacteria is getting into your skin. Hair causes rashes, inflammation, and even acne flare-ups. Ask them to trim their beard down or keep it clean as a whistle. They can keep it fresh by using the Beard Paws and other things on a daily basis.

Last but not least, the tap water you’re using might be part of the problem. If you’re traveling and the water you’re using isn’t what you’re used to using at home, that may be why your skin is starting to break out. The first thing you need to do is switch up your face cleanser to see if that’s the issue. Go for one that is hypoallergenic as well as non-comedogenic. If that clears things up then it’s the water that’s your issue!

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Well, although all these things mentioned can be a burden to change, you’ll want to take some action sooner rather than later.

These Common Things May Be Ruining Your Face Today
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