The Original Beauty Spatula

The Original Beauty Spatula
The Original Beauty Spatula

There is nothing more frustrating than reaching the bottom of the container of your favorite skin care product, only to discover there is more product left in the container that you can’t reach or that the dispenser isn’t able to dispense.

The Beauty Spatula Review

Let us introduce to you, The Original Beauty Spatula by Every Drop.  This cosmetic spatula was created to access hard to reach product for less waste!  The Original Beauty Spatula is designed to access hard to reach product, trapped in the bottom of the bottle.  It’s unique design allows it to access product in both short and tall bottles.  The flexible rubber tips makes it easy to scoop product from around the rim of the bottom of a container.  No more using Q-Tips to reach the product trapped in the bottom.  If you’ve ever attempted this, you know that the Q-Tip absorbs most of the product that you may be able to reach.

The Original Beauty Spatula actually serves as a dual purpose.  Have you ever purchased a beauty product that comes in a jar?  Reaching your hands or finger tips into a jar can actually contaminate the product unless you remember to wash your hands before every use.  Even if you are an avid hand washer, dipping your finger tips into a product can leave product trapped under your fingernails.  Gross!  Avoid these issues altogether by using your spatula to scoop the product out of the jar into the palm of your hand or fingertips.

Cleaning the spatula is a breeze.  Simply wash in soapy, room temperature water before and after each use.  This may be obvious, but do not put this in the dishwasher.  It’s not a kitchen spatula, it is delicate.

If you don’t own a beauty spatula, it is an absolute must have.  We purchased The Original Beauty Spatula by Every Drop on Amazon for a mere $6.98!

Be sure to watch our review and demonstration below!

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The Original Beauty Spatula
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