The Impact Pollution Has On Your Skin And How To Fight It

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air pollution and your skinDue to the poor recycling and maintaining that humans do for the earth, there is a large amount of pollution in almost every corner of the world. Not only do people with sensitive skin suffer skin problems due to pollution but people with well protected and strong skin are at risk of suffering from a number of skin problems as well. Air pollution is the most damaging to not only the environment but also to our skin and health. It can cause a number of problems and issues for our skin, these include:

Faster Aging:

Chemicals in polluted air can cause your skin to age faster, this is because the Nano-particles in the atmosphere bounce on our skin and absorb into it, and these chemicals cause damage to tissue and cause the skin to become loose and saggy. To slow down the aging process, using anti-aging creams at a young age can prevent skin from aging quickly and prevent chemicals from absorbing into the skin. For the best results, using a day and night anti-aging cream is recommended to keep your skin protected 24/7.

Dull Skin:

Chemicals and toxins in the atmosphere can clog up your pores and inhaling polluted air for a prolonged period of time can cause damage inside makes your skin look dull outside. Polluted air also decreases circulation which also makes your skin look dull and dismal. This can be prevented by not only taking care of the outside of your body but also the inside. Getting regular facials can increase circulation and make skin look brighter and smoother. Also, drinking lots of fluids keeps you hydrated and makes you look healthier and taking vitamins can help to improve your skin and health.


Pollution can also result in acne, this is because dirt particles from the air sit on your face and absorb into your pores. Those with sensitive skin can develop acne rapidly if they don’t take care of their skin properly as their faces will be more sensitive to dirt and chemicals. Acne can be prevented if you wash your face regularly and thoroughly, use a scrub on your face to get rid of dirt once a week, remove blackhead regularly and get a facial every week or so as they are good for removing stubborn and deep buried dirt in pores and crevices on the face.

The Impact Pollution Has On Your Skin And How To Fight It
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