The Face Shop Review

I’ve been know to review a ton of Korean skin care lines over the years. Whether I’ve written about them or not, I have certainly spent a decent amount of time research and reviewing many out there on the market. One of the brands that you might like to know about is called The Face Shop. Some feel as though it’s a great selection for those looking to improve their skin through Korean practices and products, while others might not feel so great about the product. Regardless, I always give companies the benefit of the doubt when it coms to any and all skin care products. This one in particular was started back in 2003 in Korea.

The company quickly grew to be one of the largest product distributors in the world with over 2,900 locations throughout the globe. I’m not sure how well-versed you are when it comes to skin care products, brands, and success but that’s a ton of reach!

the face shop review

How Did The Face Shop Do It?

So many people think that it was just incredible products that made this growth possible. While that would be nice, there’s also one very important piece to the puzzle which is left. I’m referring to the distribution channels through franchising efforts.

The company currently allows users to use their own capital in order to open stores for a simple fee that the parent company collects. The growth strategy and the company’s business strategy has allowed them to see significant boosts over the years. The products that been doing quite well from a selling perspective but it’s not just all about sales. How the product works is equally if not more important. Which is why the company philosophy and the formulas are super important.

The Face Shop Products

Knowing how skin care products work is very important. The same rules apply when using various dietary products and workout products. You need to know how they function in order to know if you’re using them in the proper manner and getting the desired results.

The Face Shop products within this line have been created through the use of what’s known as botanical ingredients. While the company typically doesn’t have any specific ingredient that they focus on, they do use various ingredients which they consider to be “staples” of products which treat specific concerns.

What the brand has been able to successfully do is create a line that utilize Korean skin care techniques and new age or more recent popular ingredients used today. For example, you’ll noticed that many of the products contain ingredients such as seaweed, rice water, mango seed and many others just to name a few.

The Ingredients

Knowing about the ingredients is very important. The reason I say that is the ingredients are essentially the driving factor of all these products. While formulas vary widely across the board, the raw ingredients may not change much. That said, you need to know the background of these main ingredients in order to get a better idea as to whether or not they can truly do something for your skin. I’ll kick things off by describing a few products to help you better understand what these can do for you.

Mango Seed (Cleansing Foam) – Are you into using cleansers? Well, if mangos are right up your alley as well then you’ve found a product that might appeal to you tastes. The Mango Seed Face Shop Cleanser contains mango seed butter. This is a great moisturizer and one that many look towards in order to smooth out the skin. The cleansing foam also contains an ingredient called stearic acid which helps provide the foam-like texture. There’s another ingredient that this product contains called butylene glycol which helps condition the skin and last but not least, there’s merits acid which lubricates the skin. All that for less that $20 makes is a very affordable option.

Chia Seed (Moisturizing Cream) – Looking to repair damaged skin? Fear not, all you need is a face cream that helps moisturize your skin and you’re good to go. One of the powerful ingredients included in this is none other than chia seed extract. Those unfamiliar with chia seeds, they are loaded with EFAs and antioxidants. What does that mean? Well, it means that these are able to fight off free radicals and keep your skin looking and feeling silky smooth. There are other familiar ingredients in this cream as well such as dimethicone, sodium hyaluronate, and grapefruit extract. This doesn’t come cheap but it’s not super expensive either. For $32 you can have it sitting in your cabinet ready to boost your skin in a moments notice.

Rice Water (Cleansing Tissue) – This specific Korean skin care product is a well-known makeup remover. The typical pack contains 50 tissues and it costs $12 per pack. The main ingredient in this cleansing tissue is the rice water which comes from rice brain oil and rice extract. This cleansing tissue not only removes makeup, but it also contains fatty acids and antioxidants which help moisturize and repair your skin. You’ll also find ingredients such as aloe vera extract and butylene glycol along with dipropylene glycol.

Buying The Face Shop Products

One thing you need to understand is that buying these products isn’t that simple, especially if you’re living within the United States. If you take a moment to visit the website, you’ll notice that the language is written in Korean, making it difficult to read and understand. However, you may be able to find distribution opportunities within your local market depending on where you live.

You’ll be able to find products without for sale on various websites through third party vendors if you look hard enough. However, I can’t say that’s the best purchase method of choice.

The Side Effects

Yes, there are side effects of using any and all skin care products. It really depends on your skin and what you’re allergic to, that’s what matters the most here. Due to the fact that botanical products are heavily used, the items may not be safe for all people. Be sure to show them to your dermatologist before using any products. Some people have had bad reactions to ingredients such as lavender while others may have negative reactions due to the mango that’s present in products. It really depends on your personal skin type.


If you’re looking to try a Korean Skin Care product line that incorporates the use of botanicals, then this might be the perfect place for you to start. Assuming that you can get past the side effects and fear of using something new, you may have found a botanical solution to your skin issues.

The Face Shop Review
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