The Busy Fit Girl Guide To Skin Care Essentials


Are you a busy fit girl that has very little time for staying on top of their skin care regimen? Of course, you are! That means you need to focus on the essentials in order to maximize your efforts and keep your skin looking great.

Busy Fit Girl Skin Care Guide
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Some Skin Care Essentials For A Busy Fit Girl

I had the pleasure of coming across an article that was published in PopSugar recently. The article gave a quick rundown of the basic essentials that each busy fit girl should focus on if they want to practice a good skin care regimen yet maximize their time.

Here are a few of the recommendations that they had in order to keep your skin healthy.

Face Wipes
If you basically have no time at all, then a face wipe is your best choice for getting a good wipe down throughout the day or after a quick workout. Face wipes are perfect for eliminating oil build up and sweat, especially after a workout.

If you have time, and by time, I mean literally only 5 minutes or less, then you should do your best to incorporate a quick cleanser into your post workout regimen. The article suggests that you keep a small travel size bottle of your favorite cleanser in your gym bag. I can’t say that I disagree at all with this.

Clarisonic Routine
Now if you’ve got a minimum of ten minutes after working out, then you should take advantage of your time. Skip worrying about your hair and focus on your skin instead. Incorporate the use of a Clarisonic. There’s a machine that fits in your gym bag known as the Mia FIT. This product is said to clean six times better than simply using your hands. Sounds great right? I know!

Well, that’s all I’ve got to leave you with for the weekend. I suggest you head out to your local Nordstrom or search online for some of the products that I’ve mentioned. Most importantly, whatever you do, make sure you take some action and try to give both your body and your skin a workout this weekend to get in tip top shape.

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The Busy Fit Girl Guide To Skin Care Essentials
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