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There are literally hundreds of thousands of cosmetic products out there made by tens of thousands of cosmetic companies. Once in a while, you’ll come across a few companies that are completely different from the rest of the pack. When this happens it’s somewhat a sigh of relief. Assuming you’re looking for a beauty brand that is able to deliver a beauty transition in a matter of minutes, then you’ve come to the right place. Why? Well, I’ll be giving a full rundown of The Balm, a beauty and cosmetic company that’s growing rapidly today. It’s a full-service line that seems to be taking the world by storm, one product at a time.

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Background Information On The Balm Cosmetics

Here’s some background information on The Balm cosmetics line. The company sprouted in 2004 as an idea and it all stemmed from Marissa Shipman and her creative thinking. Marissa actually started this brand back in ’04 with the premise of being a very user-friendly make-up and cosmetic line (none of that toxic stuff). In fact, it was started as a simple idea. Meaning, The Balm actually came to life in Marissa Shipman’s kitchen. She created this brand, which has literally become one of the more popular cosmetic brands that you’ll see out there on the market today.

The one thing that you need to know about this cosmetic line is that it’s a very high performing beauty line that has products which are simple to use which resolve skin issues as well as beauty needs. The Balm was originally mixed by Marissa in sthe comfort of her home. That’s how it all started. She taught herself how to mix beauty formulas. She literally built the entire foundation of the formula from her kitchen counter.

Marissa quickly expanded The Balm brand and the team expanded as well. It soon became a much bigger process where The Balm cosmetics ended up eventually being formulated by chemists. In doing so, they also ended up expanding the entire process. The company is now over a decade old and The Balm cosmetic line is more popular than ever before. The products are sold worldwide and I think you’ll find it easy to locate them at almost any beauty store.

Products Produced By The Balm

There are various products that this company produces. One of the more popular products is Meet Matte Hughes Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick. This liquid lipstick is a favorite of those that love The Balm products. This specific product is one of the more popular liquid lipsticks on the market without a doubt. Consumers can pick this up liquid lipstick in a number of different shades, depending on what they’re looking for.

Another product that’s very popular amongst many consumers is The Balm Bahama Mama. This is a super popular bronzer/highlighter that many people have gravitated towards over the years. If you do a quick search on Youtube, you’ll see that so many of the consumers out there have created tutorial videos on how to use the Bahama Mama bronzer. The reason so many tutorials exist is due to the product being used in multiple ways. For example, there are many that use it as an eyeshadow, while others might use it as a contouring powder or perhaps a standard bronzer.

This particular bronzer does not have any type of shimmer on it, which means that it likely produces a tanned appearance that’s evenly toned. While I’m not super well-versed in terms of makeup application methods, what I can say is that you’ll find plenty of help on the Internet if you need it. Based on some of the research I’ve done, the product works well to help produce definition in your cheeks, temples, and around the nose. Many people like to use this on their eyelids as well.

One other product that seems to be super popular is the Nude Dude Eyeshadow. This is both new and popular, consisting of 12 shades of nude-toned eyeshadows. This and a couple others are certainly the more popular of The Balm eye-related products. Some people choose to use the eyeshadow alone while others choose to blend the shades to create their own tones. You can even apply this product wet and it functions well as an eyeliner.

Buying The Balm Products

Are you looking to purchase some of The Balm products? If so, then look no further. You can buy them directly on the company website or on There are plenty of options locally as well if you want to purchase the products in your neighborhood. All you need to do is head on down to the nearest ULTA or even Kohl’s and you’ll find many of the products available.

However, before you begin purchasing the products, I strongly suggest that you check out both the Instagram and Facebook account of the company. If you have any questions about the products, I’m sure they’ll be happy to share some information with you or answer your questions whatever they may pertain to.

The Balm Cosmetics
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