Is THC Really Good For Your Skin?


Okay, I try not to be too edgy here on but when a topic is hot, well, it’s hot and I have an obligation to share it with you. Let’s talk about marijuana, THC and what it can do for your skin. Is it true? Is “weed” really good for your skin? I did some digging and here’s what I found out…

THC and Vaping is good for your skin
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THC Helps Keep Skin Looking Good?

If you’re thinking like most people, then you can forget about it right now. No, smoking isn’t good for your skin. Put down the marijuana cigarette immediately. There’s a substitute for that. It’s known as vaping.

According to studies, it’s possible the cannabis or at least, the THC in cannabis is good for your skin. THC is said to be considered an anti-inflammatory as well as having good antioxidant properties. That certainly doesn’t mean that it’s okay to smoke a bunch of marijuana though. Smoke is terrible for your skin and it can lead to acquiring premature wrinkles, eye bags, and can dehydrate your skin.

That’s why most people opt for the clearly “better” alternative i.e. the vaporizer! If you haven’t seen anyone using a vaporizer then I’m sorry but you must have been living under a rock. World famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio vapes and so does the funny actress on the new hit show Broad City (yes, I like Broad City and I think it’s hilarious).

Broad City Vaping
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Vaporizers don’t create any smoke, period. Instead, they heat up the cannabis and/or tobacco and you’re able to inhale the THC without having to expose yourself to more harmful side effects of smoking.

I’m not telling you that vaping marijuana is something that you should start doing for the skin benefits. What I’m saying is that if you’re smoking, you need to stop immediately and start vaping instead.

Should you prefer to not partake in either of the activities mentioned, well, then great! You have got plenty of other products out there that can help up your skin care game and take things to the next level.

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Is THC Really Good For Your Skin?
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