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If you regularly use Instagram, you must have come across many women these days talking about a new beauty product known as ‘That Booty Tho’. As much as the name sounds crazy, it is actually a scrub for your butt.

What is a “Booty Scrub?”

Made by Anese, a renowned skin care and beauty products company, ‘That Booty Tho’ is a revolutionary scrub made specifically to smoothen out stretch marks, cellulite, and fight acne on the butt.

The walnut shell scrub has recently become one of the most trending beauty products with women who suffer from various skin problems on the butt. Since going to the gym 24/7 doesn’t really fix cellulite or stretch marks, ‘That Booty Tho’ aims to provide a way to reduce these annoying problems once and for all.

Anese claims their scrub provides both short and long term benefits when it is regularly used. Being a woman, I can understand why so many women would want to try it. After all, everyone wants a perfect, toned, and bump free ass. I ordered my ‘That Booty Tho’ scrub from Anese for just $28 to see if the claims made by the company and several women on Instagram were true or not.

Before I jump to the conclusion whether ‘That Booty Tho’ works or not, I need to clarify one thing. This scrub is intended to be used in the long term to see the full effects. The short term results are there but they’re nothing compared to what you see after applying the product regularly for a few weeks.

With that aside, let me begin with my experience.

Note:  This is not me below. This is from a Cellulite site, and is for reference only.

Being someone who is very careful about what I apply on my face..or butt, I naturally look at the active ingredients first in any product before it even touches my face or hands. The formulation of ‘That Booty Tho’ quickly got my attention due to the fact that it uses many rare and exotic ingredients.

For example, the active ingredients in the scrub are Walnut Shell Powder, Organic Aloe Leaf Juice, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Vitamin E, Organic White Willow Bark Extract, Organic Jojoba Seed Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil. This ingredient profile is enough to convince any beauty expert to recommend it to others.

That Booty Tho Review

So after getting my scrub, which I found out about on this review, I immediately opened it and felt the texture. It is coarse and sandy just like any other scrub. The Walnut Shells act as an exfoliating agent. The particles are very fine but it never feels like they’re not doing a good job.

After feeling the texture, I immediately got into the shower and started using the product as intended. For those of you who are not familiar with scrubs, you need to take two fingers worth scrub in your hand, rub it against your palms, and then apply it.

After applying it and massaging my butt for five-ish minutes, I rinsed it off and immediately felt a difference. My skin texture was a lot smoother than before. This is as far as the short term effects of the scrub go.

I have been using ‘That Booty Tho’ for five weeks now and I am proud to let you know that it does indeed work like intended. There are fewer stretch marks, and cellulite has been reduced so much that it is hard to see.

So if cellulite is your biggest butt problem, I highly recommend giving this scrub a shot.

That Booty Tho Review
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