Thanksgiving Foods That Make Your Skin Look Great


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and that means there’s plenty of eating to do! If you live in the United States like the majority of our readers, then you’re probably prepping food or hitting the grocery store in a drunken dash for delightful desserts and other delicious treats. Hopefully, you’re not drunk. I told you not to drink booze anymore if you want nice skin. If you must, have one glass of wine and stop.

Now, you’re going to hate me but I’m going to make a bold suggestion here. I think it would be in your best interest to not eat anything that’s not on the list below. I’ve provided the ultimate Thanksgiving food list for those that want to kill two birds with one stone, enjoy food and keep their skin looking great!

thanksgiving foods for skin

Thanksgiving Foods That Are Great For Your Skin

This list is what I believe to be the best foods for you based on the research I’ve done. Of course, there are other foods that are just as good and perhaps better for your skin. However, I’m keeping with tradition here and just going with what I know.

First things first, please pass the cranberries! It’s one of the American tradition foods that’s on just about every Thanksgiving table. Cranberries contain antioxidants that help you fight off free radicals. They also help you build up your collagen. As you know, vitamin C is one of the most sought after skin care ingredients and cranberry sauce is packed with it.

The next item on the list is the turkey. While some think turkey can be terrible for you, I believe it’s got some great qualities. For one, it has so much protein that it’s unbelievable. Protein is great for healthy skin, hair, teeth, strong nails and more. It can help keep your skin firm. Believe it or not, dark meat actually packs a meaner punch in terms of vitamins and minerals. Go for the dark meat if you want to impprove your skin.

Sweet potatoes are also a big favorite of many, as is pumpkin. Many people indulge in these two tasty foods and when doing so, they are doing a great thing for their skin. Pumpkin has a ton of vitamin A in it and this vitamin definitely does a lot for skin cell growth. However, it’s best to avoid the supplemental sweets that go along with these foods. Those don’t help your skin one bit. In fact, too much sugar can really be bad for your skin.

Last but not least, I want to end on a leafy note. That’s right, I’m talking about spinach! I consume spinach almost daily, especially when I’m on the ABC diet. However, lots of people prefer to include this steamed dish during their Thanksgiving dinner or lunch. It’s filled with tons of vitamins that are great for your skin. I’m referring to vitamin B, C, A, K, and E. Not to mention, it’s also filled with antioxidants that help keep your skin young looking as well.

Don’t be afraid to moderately mix in some items such as a glass of wine, dark chocolate, and even a small amount of olive oil. All of these are great for your skin when not consumed too frequently or in abundance.

Enjoy your holiday and stay safe everyone!

Thanksgiving Foods That Make Your Skin Look Great
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