Tessa Thompson Shares Skin Care Secrets


If you don’t know who Tessa Thompson is, she’s the popular actress that plays a prominent role in the new box office hit Creed. The 32-year-old has been spending an awful lot of time in front of the camera and she takes her skin very seriously. During an interview at L.A. Dance Project Benefit, Tessa Thompson had a few things to share about her skin and the secrets that keep her looking her best.

Tessa Thompson Skin Secrets Revealed

Tessa Thompson shared a lot of information with New You during her interview the other day. Tessa opens up to us about her fashion choices of the evening for the annual event and she further discusses the success she’s had with this box office hit.

During the interview, Tessa claims that she has a so-called secret weapon in the L.A. area that she really attributes to her perfect looking skin. She claims that seeing her “fantastic facialist” is part of the reason she has such beautiful skin. The facialists name is Ann and she’s located at the Korean Spa in the Los Angeles area. She goes as far to personally recommend that you visit Ann, the skin care specialist that she visits at the spa. I guess that means, don’t go to anyone else there but Ann.

It’s safe to assume that in addition to her seeing her facial specialist on a regular basis or regimen, she’s also taking very good care of her skin incorporating the right types of products and consistent usage of them at home.

She tries to do “masks” and recommends using and uses an oil refining skin care product to help keep her face looking perfect.

Tessa was asked when she recommends that one begin taking good care of your skin and her response was not shocking at all. She recommends starting at a very young age and not wasting any time to treat your skin well. Living in a crowded, busy place like L.A., there’s a lot of dirt, pollution and other factors in the air that can damage your skin. Washing your face regularly and very well as well as using the right products makes a huge difference.

Sun production can also be a factor that you need to watch out for if you live in the Los Angeles area. There are many products out there that do a great job of protecting your skin from sun damage. In fact, it might be one of the most important factors when it comes to caring for your face and upper extremities. Don’t rule out using a sunscreen based product daily in order to protect your skin.

If you’re interested in checking out Tessa’s other great films, I’d suggest you watch Selma as well as Veronica Mars. She plays great roles in both of those films.

Tessa Thompson Shares Skin Care Secrets
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  1. Great advice! Young people don’t realize how important PREVENTION is! So many wait to start a skin care routine until it’s too late.