Terrible Habits For Your Skin (That You Don’t Think Of)


On most occasions, people think that so long as they are treating their skin, then they’re doing the right thing. Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from correct. There are some really bad habits that tend to overtake people’s skin care routines and it often happens by accident. What frequently happens is that consumers develop these routines and as they do, they become mindless actions.

When this happens, going through the motions often can lead to worse conditions. If you think you’re practicing bad skin care habits and you’re doing it unknowingly to a certain degree, then you might want to read this.

Here’s a rundown of a few habits that may not be helping those focusing in on them…

Terrible Skin Care Habits

Top Five Terrible Skin Care Habits That You’ll Want To Avoid

If you’re doing the same thing on a daily basis, then good for you. You’ve got a routine down and that’s a great start. However, you might be doing the wrong things and if that’s the case, then those habits are likely hurting more than helping. In that case, here’s what you need to know…

Natural Products Only – If you’re habitually avoiding all products aside from those that are natural, then you may be doing a disservice to your skin. Natural doesn’t always mean better. There are lots of natural things out there that are horrible for your skin. Not to mention, a lot of the natural product options can cause sensitivity issues for many consumers. They can clog pores, cause rashes, and more. Don’t always assume that natural is the best approach. Speak with a professional dermatologist when in doubt.

Self Treatment – Some people are gluttons for punishment. They go out of their way to self-treat skin conditions with anything in their medicine cabinet versus getting professional advice. For example, let’s say you’ve got a weird rash on your skin. Don’t just decide to use whatever is conveniently located in your cabinet. You’ll be far better off in the long run if you make an appointment at the local dermatologist and get it checked out. Don’t make a habit of using whatever products you have at your disposal just because they are there. Address the problem and take it from there.

Getting Sun – Another bad habit that people practice to frequently is getting too much sun. They think that the only way to get vitamin D is via sunlight and they spend far too much time basking in the sun. While it sounds like a relaxing idea, there are better methods in which you can attempt to get enough vitamin D.

Popping Pimples – This is definitely a bad habit that you need to break. I’ve shared plenty of videos showcasing the worst pimple popping that you’ve ever seen. In fact, Dr. Pimple Popper has us beat in this department. If you want better skin, then you need to avoid popping pimples and spend more time just watching the videos online. Popping zits can increase the risk of them becoming infected. This can make your skin look worse and actually cause acne to spread.

Scrubbing Acne – Speaking of more acne habits, you’ll want to stop scrubbing your acne. This is a common habit that many consumers have developed, but it’s an awful idea if you’re trying to remove your acne for good. Scrubbing can cause the exact opposite to occur. In fact, you’ll have permanent skin issues with scarring if you scrub too hard.

Using Wipes – Makeup remover wipes are perhaps the most frequently used disposable skin products on the planet. They are also the most common cause of rash development infrequent users. So many people don’t take the time to simply wash their face with an easy cleanser. Instead, they wipe their makeup off and call it a day. This hurts in the long run, I promise.

Now, I’ve only provided the top five bad habits because I want you to focus on eliminating just these. If you can successfully do that, then you should be fine and on your way to clearer looking skin.

Terrible Habits For Your Skin (That You Don’t Think Of)
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