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Disclaimer of warranty

Skincare.net makes no warranty of any kind, either express or implied. This includes and is not limited to any warranties that pertain to merchant ability and / or fitness for a particular purpose. Any and all of the material presented by skincare.net is provided ʺas isʺ.

Acknowledgment and agreement

The receipt or use of any material provided by skincare.net, at any time and / or by any means, either directly or indirectly, represents a definite and unquestionable acknowledgement of the receptor or user of the material to the terms and conditions of skincare.net.

This acknowledgement does not include any other agreement or communication that exists between skincare.net and a subscriber that depicts contrary arrangements to the above.

Copyright notice

Skincare.net is the sole owner of any and all information presented, unless otherwise specified. Any trademarks and / or service marks of other parties that may be referred to, are properties of their respective owners.

Visitors and subscribers may print a copy of the information presented as long as the action is limited to their own personal use. No reproduction, distribution or copying of said information are allowed without the express and written permission of skincare.net. Any other reproduction or usage of said information is strictly prohibited by law and may result in civic and criminal penalties. Violators of this clause will be prosecuted to the fullest extend legally available to skincare.net.

Third party products, sites and services

Any links from skincare.net website and its free newsletters are provided for the convenience of their recipients. Any links followed, which lead to content that is not provided by skincare.net, is not skincare.net’s responsibility and it cannot be considered that skincare.net had a part in either the development or the review of this content.

Skincare.net makes no guarantees, does not represent and does not warranty any electronic content delivered by third parties. This includes and is not limited to the accuracy, the topic, the quality and the timeliness of said electronic content. Under no circumstances can skincare.net be held liable for such electronic content.

Affiliate disclaimer

Any endorsement, promotion or suggestion of services and / or products for sale is made based on the belief that said services and products and their creators provide excellent and valuable contributions to the goals and nuances of skincare.net. This belief has resulted from the reviews of the said services and products, the relationship with the creator(s) and any previous experience from the use of said services and products.

Skincare.net guarantees that all reviews are unbiased and should any said services or products fail to comply with the expectations, such failure will immediately be brought to the attention of skincare.net visitors and subscribers.

It is strongly recommended that should a visitor or subscriber wish to purchase said services or products, they should conduct their own due-diligence.

Limitation on skincare.net liability

Skincare.net cannot be held liable for any loss or damage incurred, either directly or indirectly for:

  • Any inability to use or delays in accessing the skincare.net website, or any other material provided by skincare.net
  • Any absence of material on skincare.net website.
  • Any failures or delays in the delivery of any material
  • Any errors that occur during the transmission of any material

Skincare.net cannot be held liable for incidental, special, consequential, exemplary, punitive or indirect damages that may result through direct or indirect use of, or any reliance upon, any material provided by skincare.net.

The liability of skincare.net in contract, negligence, tort or otherwise, is limited to the aggregate to direct and the actual damages will not exceed any fees received by skincare.net from the subscriber.

Terms of Service
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