Have you read the back of products lately? Chances are you might come across something known as Tepezcohuite. That holds true especially if you’re residing in a place such as South America or Mexico. The skin care ingredient is now finally beginning to make its way into its the United States of America. Apparently, it’s an ingredient that’s been used for centuries throughout Central and South America. Lots of emerging brands within the U.S. are now starting to use Tepezcohuite and incorporate it into their products such as skin creams and balms.

In fact, there are literally famous celebrities that are not only using this ingredient but also investing in it. Here’s an example for you, the brand ASDM Beverly Hills has a Tepezcohuite cream that they offer. Guess which celeb recently launched a product containing this ingredient, Salma Hayek! Not only did she launch a product but she’s launched an entire skin care line that focuses on the ingredient.

Tepezcohuite creamHow Do Americans Feel About Tepezcohuite?

Truth is, many Americans still don’t know whether to make heads or tails out of this trending ingredient. Reason being is that most people haven’t got the slightest idea how it works.

I took a closer look online and determined that many of the reviews actually praise the cream as being a miracle worker. However, those are independent people that simply provide their opinion on the product. I’ve yet to hear much noise amongst mainstream media. Let’s look deeper into the product to learn more about it.

What The Heck Is Tepezcohuite?

The term Tepezcohuite is an ingredient also known as mimosa tenuiflora. It’s actually a specific type of tree that grows throughout South America and Mexico! It has been said that this type of tree has played a prominent role in sourcing nutrients for livestock throughout the country. It’s also known for being some type of herbal remedy for both animals and humans to use.

Apparently, the bark is where are the nutrients exist and that’s the area which was commonly incorporated into various tasks when caring for livestock.

For example, farmers would add the bark to the water and wash the farm animals with that water. The main reason they did this was due to the antimicrobial properties that it has. In the event that farm animals had some sort of wound or infection, it would help them heal faster.

As for human use, the bark is a natural option for healing wounds. If you’re a burn victim, then this might be the product ingredient for you. One thing I want you to understand is that the reports on this are not official studies. They’re more just write-ups and reports. However, it seems like the using Tepezcohuite cream might actually help regenerate skin cells and promote quicker healing.

Due to the ingredients ability to help improve people’s skin, it seems as though many companies are jumping on the bandwagon and adding Tepezcohuite cream to their existing product formulas or they’re adding new products that contain this cream as an active ingredient. Don’t be surprised if you read a label stating that the product can help cure eczema, stretch marks, and more.

Tepezcohuite Cream Ingredients

There is a difference between the Tepezcohuite bark and the cream. For starters, the cream is going to contain other ingredients and chemicals. Many companies may choose to incorporate the bark extract into their product in combination with a number of other extracts. That said, one should understand that this is not 100% pure Tepezcohuite.

What you’ll want to try and find is a cream that contains bark root extract. I’ll do my best to help explain the various chemical components of Tepezcohuite in hopes that you’ll get a better idea of what it can do for your skin. I’ll keep this in list format to make it easier for you to digest the information.

Xylose – This helps better attract moisture which plays a key role in skin cells.

Flavonoids – This helps feed your body antioxidants it needs to fight off UV rays and environmental factors that cause your skin to look weathered.

Lipids – This helps create a barrier trapping moisture and better hydrating cells. This can slow down the development of wrinkles.

Glucosides – This helps you cleanse your skin better.

Tannins – This helps reduce the amount of inflammation on your skin and is said to help those with sensitive skin more so than others.

Most importantly, you need to understand that many other chemicals and compounds exist in Tepezcohuite. You need to understand that using the bark extract alone and using a product that contains the bark extract will likely lead to different results. Adding the extract to a cream can lead to different results because of many reasons.

1. It may not contain a very high amount of the extract, leaving it less effective.

2. It might be mixed with other ingredients causing it to react differently which may, in fact, offset the benefits of using Tepezcohuite completely.

For these two reasons alone, it’s important to understand what you are using and all the ingredients within the cream. When in doubt, feel free to speak with a local doctor, chemist, pharmacist or someone that knows what they are talking about when it comes to Tepezcohuite cream and the bark extract.

Where Can You Buy It?

Honestly, all you need to know is how to use Amazon. There are plenty of brands out there that carry Tepezcohuite Cream or their own version of the cream. Don’t be afraid to check out your local pharmacy or drug store as well. Salma Hayek has her Nuance skin care line available online, so that’s an option for you as well. The good news is that you’ve got plenty of options, just be sure to do your research ahead of time!

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