This Ten-Step Korean Skin Care Regimen Is Trending Like Crazy


Korean skin care is nothing new and it’s not the easiest way to care for your skin. However, it seems to work quite well and there’s no doubt about that. Some people are willing to do just about anything to make their skin look wonderful. Honestly, I can’t say that I blame them one bit for wanted to do so. Those of you that are interested in taking the plunge into a new in-depth skin care routine, then I suggest you pay attention to this article.

While it might seem like ten steps is a lot for you to endure daily, some swear by it and appreciate the results of it. Here are the exact steps that you can take if you want to step your game up on the skin treatment front.

10 Step Korean Skin Care Routine

Ten-Step Korean Regimen That Can Improve Your Skin

If you’re willing to take the initiative to take on this regimen, then you’ll need to be willing to try new things such as sheet masks. I’m going to waste little time and just get right into the steps that you’ll need to take.


This first step is what’s known as the pre-cleanse step. You’ll need to begin by cleansing your skin with an oil-based cleanser to help remove the dirt and grime from your skin. Best practice is to apply this to your skin dry. Then add some water, wash your skin clean and gently pat your skin dry.


The next step is to use a water-based cleanser. Follow instructions based on whatever is suggested. You’ll simply rinse your face with water and once again pat your face dry.


The next step is to scrub your skin through theĀ use of an exfoliating product. You’ll need to be gentle and exfoliate roughly once or twice per week. Massage the exfoliating scrub into your skin and pat it dry, then move onto the fourth step.

Toning Time

Using a toner is all about refreshing your skin and restoring your pH balance. Be sure to find a toner with high-quality ingredients and just use it. Every. Single. Day.


Korean skin care encompasses the use of an essence. This isn’t the most popular product in the United States, but it does get used daily by those implementing a Korean Skin Care routine. Doing so will help you keep your skin hydrated as well as keep it feeling soothing.


Moisture serum application is the next step. Believe it or not, some Korean women use a few serums in an attempt to continue to moisturize their skin.

Sheet Masks

Now it’s time to apply the sheet mask. The good news is that this step only needs to be completed once per week. There are plenty of sheet mask options for you. All you need to do is apply the masks to your skin, leave the mask on as long as directed, remove it, and simply massage any remaining cream into your skin that remains from your skin.

Eye Creams

This is a staple in many Korean regimens and I have to agree that it should remain. In fact, it might be one of the most important necessities of a solid routine. I strongly suggest that you use an eye cream in the morning and evening.


The ninth step requires that a moisturizer must be applied. You’ll want to apply a really nice moisturizing cream both in the morning and evening. There are plenty of high-end brands that we could suggest you use.


The final step is to apply sunscreen to your skin. This helps lock in the moisture and protect your skin from harmful pollutants and UV rays that can damage your skin over the long term.

That’s all that it takes and I know you think that it seems like a lot of work, but I assure you that it’s simply a routine that you need to adjust to doing daily.

This Ten-Step Korean Skin Care Regimen Is Trending Like Crazy
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