Tech Neck Is Now A Thing Ruining Your Skin and Appearance


Are you the type of person that likes to spend every waking moment on either your computer or mobile phone or tablet? If so, then you’re certainly not the only person out there with this “tech” obsession. The truth is that more people struggle with this today than ever before. The culprit is none other than social media. All the selfies, the Instagram posts, the Tweets, the Facebook posts, and the Snapchats are destroying your skin. It’s getting so bad that there is such thing as “neck consultants” which are dermatologists that specialize in resolving this condition.

tech neck issues

So many people are complaining about this issue that new strategies are being created in order to combat the condition. The sad part is that most people aren’t willing to stop bending over to look at their phone or laptop. Instead, they want to find a solution that resolves the tech neck issue.

Many dermatologists today are putting greater effort and care in the décolleté area. They’re putting forth research and development efforts to create more products which cater to that region on the body.

There are many physical exercises that consumers can begin to incorporate into their routine in order to fight the changes in their skin. According to W Magazine, one of the recommended strategies was to begin arching your back more than your currently doing so now. You can do this by strategically placing a tennis ball between your shoulder blades.

Looking down on a regular basis quite frankly is horrible for your skin. You’ll eventually begin to develop lines in that region and maybe even have loose skin under your chin as a result. Another thing you can do is start incorporating facial exercises daily. Doing so will improve circulation and get your muscles working better.

Some consumers are opting for treatments such as radio frequency therapy and other forms of non-invasive treatment. This type of treatment is said to help reduce any sagging that might exist as a result of too much tech use. I’ll be completely honest with you, I’m not very well-versed on this type of treatment. What I can say is that many people use it it’s something that you should consider if you’re skin is looking really weathered and aged at a young age due to tech.

Those that say they don’t need to deal with it due to having a good skin are regimen isn’t enough. You’ve got to put forth effort to combat this issue regardless of what you’re doing daily already. Your best bet is to simply put the phone down or the computer away and have a nice conversation with someone in person. It solves a lot of issues, so start there!

Are you looking for specific products to begin incorporating into your anti tech neck routine? If so, then I’ve got to suggest that you start using the neck cream on this page before doing anything else. It’s one of the best ranked products on Amazon and is one that I personally stand behind.

Tech Neck Is Now A Thing Ruining Your Skin and Appearance
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