Taylor Swift Reveals Her Favorite Skin Care Treatment


Taylor Swift might be one of the most popular enter musical entertainers today. She’s a 26-year-old that’s pretty much in top notch condition when it comes to skin care. She takes extremely good care of her skin and I’ve recently got a hold of someone that knows exactly what she uses.

taylor swift skin care secret
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Taylor Swift Skin Care Secret Product Revealed

If you think Taylor Swift does absolutely nothing to reach her maximum skin care potential, well, think again. According to an article written by Fashionstyle.com, Taylor Swift revealed that she’s a huge fan of the celebrity facialist named Kate Somerville. Kate’s not only a facialist to the stars but she’s also a product line owner.

She has one particular product that Taylor has taken a liking towards using and it’s not a secret anymore. She’s a fan of the ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment. This product is an at-home exfoliating treatment that allows you to cleanse your skin through the use of fruit enzymes. The product is said to be particularly good at removing dead skin cells and smoothing out your skin. If you have blackheads or uneven skin, this product may help you reach your maximum potential when it comes to perfect skin.

It would not be right for me to just write an update on a product and not share further insight on the individual behind it though right? For that reason, here’s a little background information on Kate Somerville. Kate Somerville is a married woman in her 40s living in the Los Angeles, CA area. She’s actually earned the title, “Guru of Glow” due to all the celebrities that she’s been able to help out. According to an article written in 2010, Kate got into skin care because she herself struggled for many years with having “bad skin” and she grew a strong affinity for the niche.

She’s developed a line of products that address the needs of real people and according to the article, he products only hit the shelves once they passed the tests of many real people at her clinic. She’s certainly not the only company out there that prides themselves on taking a very ethical approach to skin care. There are plenty out there that do jus the same.

If you’re looking for one or a few of them, I’d be glad to make some recommendations for you. I make recommendations for people all the time that are looking for skin, health and wellness products and many more. Feel free to contact us here and I’ll be sure to get back to you with my recommendations.

Taylor Swift Reveals Her Favorite Skin Care Treatment
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