Tattoo Artist Launches Company All Because Of Her Daughter’s Skin


Most business ideas don’t start because people want to make an exorbitant amount of money. Instead, they often come to fruition out of pure necessity. Well, that is exactly what happened here with one tattoo artist. It wasn’t exactly about her and her own personal necessities, more importantly, it was for her daughter.

Charlie Marie, who was born in 2010, was actually born with an extreme sensitivity to just about everything. I’m referring to soaps, lotions, detergents, other topical products that you apply, heck, even sunlight.

Golden Bee Luxury Soap Co. Owner Amanda Williams
Photo of Amanda Williams and Charlie Marie.
Credit: Drew Nash, Times-News

Tattoo Artist Amanda Williams Launches Golden Bee Luxury Soap Co.

According to her mother, Charlie Marie even had to spend more time in the hospital as a newborn because she was basically, “Allergic to everything.”

Now, as you probably know, a mother will do almost anything to make their child more comfortable. Many mothers put forth the effort to help improve the life of their children and Amanda Williams’ is no exception to that.

The mother from Twin Falls started getting super inventive, experimenting with her own formulas and creating her own soaps to use on Charlie Marie.

Seven years has passed since she took on her initiative of creating these sensitive soap and skin product formulas.

The good news is that her daughter has actually been able to overcome many of the allergies that she once fought. However, that isn’t stopping Amanda Williams one bit. In fact, she’s taking things to a whole new level buy opening the Golden Bee Luxury Soap Co. Guess where this soap company is located?

It’s right next door to the tattoo shop where she works! As you know a tattoo artist cares deeply about their skin. They invest lots of time and money into the body artwork, so it all makes perfect sense if you ask me.

Apparently, the Golden Bee Luxury Soap Company has over 500 products that they offer which have been specifically designed for people with sensitive skin. Those that cannot use products containing certain chemicals should check it out.

Each of the bottles is labeled with the saying, “Made by Humans,” because they don’t believe in using robots to manufacture anything.

While it seems like Amanda Williams regrets some of the tattoos that she’s gotten over the years, I think it’s safe to say that she should feel very confident in her own skin these days. Doing something for her daughter and ultimately other people struggling with skin issues is a great thing and we commend her for doing so.

Golden Bee Luxury Soap
Skin Care Products, “Made by Humans.” ¬†By Golden Bee Luxury Soap Co.

As for the product ingredients, Amanda sources them locally. In fact, some product ingredients are so local that the herbs and plants in the shop are included in the product formulas. You’ll also find local raspberries used in some of the body scrubs as well.

If you’re interested in learning more about Amanda Williams and the Golden Bee Luxury Soap Co. then do yourself a favor and check out there Facebook page here.

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Tattoo Artist Launches Company All Because Of Her Daughter’s Skin
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