Tati Skincare Mercury Content Thousands Of Times Over The Limit!


Warning: This post is very serious and all consumers must take precautions when using any products manufactured by the Tati Skincare brand.

If you’re living in the United States then chances are you’re not using this product. However, it’s our duty to report anything that may, in fact, be harmful to consumers throughout the word. Today I’m here to report an issue with the Tati Skin Care products.

Tati Skin Care Warning

Tati Skin Care Banned For High Mercury Content!

The main thing that you need to know is that all products created under the Tati Skin Care brand must be avoided at all costs! It’s been confirmed that the brand contains known poisons. Any and all sellers have been warned to immediately discontinue selling and distributing any of the Tati products.

Dangerous levels of mercury have been found in the products. What amount specifically? Well, the products contain up to 20,000 times the acceptable mercury content.

For those unfamiliar with this toxic substance, it’s one of the most dangerous substances in skin care products today. While Tati claims to be 100% free of any harmful chemicals, that seems to be a completely false claim based on our findings.

All products including the night cream, sunblock, cleanser, and day cream are not to be used from this point forward by any consumers. The products were previously tested by the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) and they found the mercury to be dangerously high and to a point which they’d be considered a very dangerous health hazard.

Skin creams and products containing mercury have been known to cause many health issues. For example, creams containing this substance may cause blotching of the skin, bad rashes, skin discoloration, and more. That’s just on the surface.

From an internal perspective, high levels of mercury may lead to kidney issues, nervous system issues, organ damage and more.

Here’s the really scary part of it all. Over 200 online retailers were identified as selling this brand online. Any retailers that refuse to stop selling Tati Skin Care products will have serious legal issues. They may be fined up to $100,000 if found selling the products online.

Stay far away from this brand and any brands that this supplier is dealing with!

As for other chemicals that may be dangerous, I’m going to shed some light on a few that you’d be best to stay away from these days.¬†One that you’re absolutely going to want to avoid at all costs is lead. There’s a reason that they’ve removed this from paint and it’s pretty scary to even think that it’s been included in skin care products. This ingredient can cause many serious issues in pregnant women and there’s nothing good about it, period.

Another substance that cosmetic companies are consistently removing from their formulas is parabens. This is a toxic ingredient that you’ll find in lots of shampoos. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons many people opt to use baking soda shampoo these days. It needs to be avoided when possible due to the issues it causes with internal systems.

Other toxic chemicals that many ethical skin companies are avoiding today are fragrance, siloxanes, PEG compounds, sulfates and more. It’s in you and every product users best interest to both educate themselves on these substances and avoid them at all costs.

Tati Skincare Mercury Content Thousands Of Times Over The Limit!
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