Tahini Is A Skin Care Super Food You Need To Know About


We’ve been kicking and screaming about superfoods for the last few years now. Honestly, it’s because they’re so effective it’s insane. One super food in particular jumps out at us and comes to mind overtime because it’s that good. I’m referring to tahini.

tahini for skin and body

Yes, Tahini Is Great For Your Skin And Body, Here’s Why!

Some people haven’t got a clue what it is that I’m referring to. I can almost guarantee that you’ve tried this food and without even knowing. Tahini is one of the the main ingredients in hummus. Sure, it tastes great and is great for parties, but it’s a powerful digestion which can really help improve your skin and make you glow like never before!

What’s it really made from?

I’m glad you asked because I was once wondering the same thing. Tahini comes from ground up sesame seeds. Think of it like peanut butter but sesame seeds instead. Even better, this paste is chock full of vitamins and minerals such as zinc, calcium, copper, fiber, protein, and more.

Now that you know more about the trendy paste, here’s why it’s so popular, it’s because you’re skin loves it. For starters, you’ll quickly noticed that this contains EFAs which are fats that do great things for your skin like reduce inflammation, boost absorption of vitamin E and more. The vitamin E helps to fight off free radical build up which basically destroys your skin. Free radicals are something you’ll want to avoid at all costs. The good news is that tahini will help you do just that.

I mentioned that this superfood contained zinc. This is great for repairing skin tissue. Assuming you’ve neglected your skin in the paste, this might help reduce or reverse the damages. Zinc is a major player in terms of collagen building and revamping your skin.

The copper in the tahini is great for reducing the inflammation within your body. This is crucial given the fact that inflammation can do a number on your body. Trust me, as you age it only gets worse too.

Assuming that you’ve had issues with bacteria in the past, then you’ll be happy to know that the oil within these seeds contains an antibacterial which can help keep your skin healthy looking.

Another reason why many people consume tahini is due to the the impact it has on your digestive health and wellness. In order to maintain healthy looking skin, you need to release toxins on a daily basis. The fiber and EFAs in tahini help improve your digestive system and better eliminate toxins as well as other waste material.

Last but certainly not least, the sesame seeds are a great source of protein. This protein helps keep your metabolism cranking as well as promoting healthy cell growth. There are many ways in which you can incorporate this into your daily diet and routine. The easiest why is to consume foods that contain tahini. For example, have a midday snack of hummus and veggies. This alone will help for sure. Give it a try and let us know if your skin and body feel any different

Tahini Is A Skin Care Super Food You Need To Know About
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