T-Bo Touch Launches OceanCeuticals Touch Skin Line For Men


Not sure who T-Bo Touch is? He is also known as Thabo Molefe but most people call him TBO. He was named Entrepreneur Of The Year in 2015. He’s a famous South African DJ. He is the co-founder of Touch Central and owns Touch Lifestyles. He’s no stranger to hustling and making things happen. He is about to jump into the skin care business with a new product launch that’s set to take in the next couple of months.

tbo touch ocean ceuticals
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T-Bo got his start more than ten years ago in the business world and he hasn’t slowed down since. He started his career as a radio intern on the famous Hot 97 radio station. He’s since taken things to the next level with various product lines across many different industries. To name a few things he’s created, T-Bo has a perfume line, cologne line, condom line and now he’s venturing into skin care.

Apparently, T-Bo has been working on the OceanCeuticals skin care line for three years. He’s been traveling back and forth to LA in order to source the ingredients, work on formula development and prepare for the launch of the brand.

t-bo touch skin care line

To the best of my knowledge, he has a few different products that will be part of the OceanCeuticals line for men. One product is a Moisture & Hydration Mist. Another is a product called Even Calm Skin Repair and the last product that we’re aware of is the Razor Bump Night Repair.

I plan on reaching out to T-Bo in order to further obtain information on the products and the launch itself. The launch date is set for November 7th and we’ll be sure to follow up with you once we know more. He’s had a lot of success in other industries and it will be interesting to see how things pan out with this new product line. If you’re interested in checking out T-Bo Touch and some of the different products his company owns, visit the Touch Lifestyles website by clicking here.

T-Bo Touch Launches OceanCeuticals Touch Skin Line For Men
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