Synthetic Viper Venom For Wrinkles?


So when I was talking with SkinPro CEO Tim Schmidt last week about the new Elite Serum Rx retail packaging, he mentioned something else that piqued my interest. SkinPro has started using a synthetic version of viper venom in a new re-formulated product called DNA Serum. It actually serves as the main active ingredient in this eye serum.

Temple Viper Venom for Wrinkles

The peptide is better known as Syn-Ake, which is pronounced by skin care industry people as “snake”. It is made by Pentapharm and the DNA Serum has a 5% concentration of this, which as far as I can tell is the highest amount of Syn-Ake used in any product on the market.

What the snake venom is supposed to do is freeze the wrinkles, just like a cosmetic injection but obviously without the actual needle. Although the DNA Serum is dispensed in an airless syringe which the company says is “medical grade”.

Anti Wrinkle Serum with Syn-ake
DNA Serum boasts of a 5% concentration of Pentapharm’s Syn-Ake

Syn-Ake has some serious clinical results. Pentapharm tests have demonstrated up to 52% wrinkle reduction with only a 4% concentration of the peptide. With DNA Serum boasting 5%, the results should be even better than that. It is a very expensive Peptide as well. It costs upwards of $15,000 per kilo.

SkinPro is really targeting the DNA Serum at the anti-wrinkle market. While Elite Serum Rx is an overall solution which targets eye wrinkles, dark circles and puffy eye bags, DNA Serum mainly focuses on doing one thing. That is, reducing wrinkles around the eyes. And boy it does this well.

It really tingles around the eyes

At the urging of Schmidt, I tried it out myself and you can actually feel it tingle around the eyes as it works. Schmidt recommended that I use it only once a day at night and combine that with once a day of Elite Serum Rx use. This I found to be the ultimate combination. As soon as I applied DNA Serum it really tightened around my eyes, just like an injection. It felt temporary but the tightness never went away. It lasted right up until the next application was due.

Who would have thought that snake venom would make a great anti-wrinkle serum? It makes sense if you think about it. When the venom touches the skin, just like if a snake bites you, it will literally paralyze the nerves. This action freezes the skin around the eyes. This is skin that is super fragile and needs a very specific application. DNA Serum was designed to target eye wrinkles through freezing.

Older people will benefit the most from snake venom serum

The effects are particularly useful for older people. This is because as you age, your wrinkles get deeper and your laugh lines and crows feet become more visible. Making expressions like smiling and frowning over many years obviously leads to wrinkles. So having a serum with Syn-Ake is a game changer for anybody who wants to take 10 years off. Realistically, if you are in your 40’s like me, you can look like early 30’s or late 20’s with this serum.

clinical study on syn-ake

Take 10 years off my age? You don’t have to ask me twice

I am always happy to take 10 years off my age. And I’m always happy when I receive a gift pack from SkinPro. I am the happiest when it includes DNA Serum as it has become my go to nightly eye serum. Feels light, a syringe seems to last forever and you can feel it working as it tingles away and tightens up that skin around the eyes that is most prone to wrinkles.

Synthetic Viper Venom For Wrinkles?
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