Swimsuit Model Nina Agdal Shares Her Best Fitness and Skin Tips


Nina Agdal is a 24-year-old model that’s promised to live life to the fullest by trying something new daily. She’s one of the most popular models in the world today having modeled for Billabong, Victoria’s Secret, Bebe, and even Carl’s Jr. in a Super Bowl commercial. She’s done quite a bit for her career and a couple things that likely help her achieve the level of success is her dedication to her health and skin. When she’s not modeling and exercising, she can be found traveling the world and perhaps “hangingĀ out” with Leonardo DiCaprio. Find out what Nina Agdal had to say about exercising and caring for her skin.

Nina Agdal Fitness and Skin Secrets
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Nina Agdal Shares Fitness and Skin Secrets

The first thing you need to know about this successful model is that she’s been physically active and into fitness her entire life. One thing she does is constantly switch things up. Whether Nina is at Y7 yoga, Tone House in a conditioning class (like Orange Theory), or at Equinox doing the SoulCycle thing, she’s doing something. Nina prefers to switch up her workout routine often as possible.

She believes in accountability and even with a busy schedule, she always holds herself accountable and remains disciplined. Her way to stay motivated is to simply get a workout in.

When traveling, Nina Agdal tries her best to stay away from carbs and finds time to workout or do something physical for about an hour. She believes in just going and doing it to get it over with.

According to a recent interview that Nina Agdal did, she has a pretty strict diet. She typically eats Greek yogurt and honey for breakfast and she drinks black coffee to avoid sugar and carbs. Nina eats Quest bars as a snack if she gets hungry and typically has salad and sushi for lunch and dinner respectively.

As far as skin care goes, she’s got one staple product that she incorporates when shooting in sun. You guessed it, she wears sunscreen on a daily basis. Another thing that Nina does is she tries to travel without applying makeup. It’s also no uncommon for her to use eye masks, rosewater spray, and even face masks. Apparently, her go-to eye mask sounds fancy but is extremely cheap. It’s a 24-karat eye mask made by Pro-Nu and it costs about $10 on Amazon.

We can all learn a lot about how to treat our bodies and mind by taking some advice from Nina Agdal. I’d like to also personally suggest that you try and do something physical every single day and that you try something new daily. Life is too short to not experience new things daily, why not kill two birds with one stone and try something new in a form of exercise daily!

If you know of any other celebrities that have some personal fitness, health, or beauty secrets, please share it wish us!

Swimsuit Model Nina Agdal Shares Her Best Fitness and Skin Tips
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