Supermodel Cato Van Ee Shares Some Skin Tips


If you’ve ever picked up a Vogue magazine, then it’s possible that you’ve seen Cato Van Ee on the cover. She’s perhaps one of the most popular Dutch models out there who’s been seen in many well-known brands such as Marc Jacobs, Dolce and Gabbana, Prada, Mui Mui and Louis Vuitton. Cato opened shared a few skin care tips with the fashion magazine the other day.

cato van ee skin care tips
Credit: Vogue Magazine Cover Model Shoot (Cato Van Ee)

Cato Van Ee Gives Some Skin Tips

When asked by Vogue what her typical morning skin care rountine consisted of she mentioned that she washes her face with cold water and she typically applies 100% pure Argan oil. She uses an Argan oil made by Marius Fabre. Cato mentioned that she uses cicalfate creme by Avene following applying the oil if her skin remains to feel dry.

Cato Van Ee says that she doesn’t wear make-up during the day. However, she does make an effort to wear sunscreen by Sisely if she’s going to be out in the sun.

In the evening, Cato Van Ee removes her makeup using a product made by Bioderma. She then proceeds to wash her face with an olive soap and then rinses. Cato claims to do as little to her skin as possible. You wouldn’t think that given the cover shots that she’s been featured in.

Cato was also asked what product she always keeps close by and her answer to that was Coconut lipbalm by Hurraw.

She was also asked to share one beauty trick and her response was rather interesting. Cato Van Ee claims that “Your skin “eats as much as your mouth,” and she believes in applying the less is more concept when it comes to skin care.

The majority of us aren’t as lucky to have perfect skin like Cato Van Ee. However, it’s not impossible to achieve her results with a little bit of effort. All it takes is a little dedication and incorporating the right products into your routine. Now, you don’t necessarily have to incorporate the same brands and products into your routine that Cato is using. There are similar products that are just as effective if you can’t get your hands on the skin care brands she uses and supports.

Supermodel Cato Van Ee Shares Some Skin Tips
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